Manhunt 2 for Wii?

Wow, I can’t wait to see how Rockstar will put the wiimote to good use…

I misread the title as “Manhunter 2 for the Wii” and thought, “fuck, I’ve got to buy a Wii.”

Then I followed the link and realized my mistake.

Ed is looking for new ways to experience gay porn.

I wouldnt be surprised if you got to gouge some anuses (anu…si?) with the wiimote. At the very least you’ll be plunging that thing into some eyes and twisting.

How you make your holes and what you do with them can be experienced with new amazing peripheral sensitivity!

I hope they make it super-mega-ultra violent.

Then maybe people will stop snapping up all the family-friendly Wiis and give me a chance to buy one for zelda.

The idea of using the Wiimote and Nunchuck as a garote has occurred to me before now.

(Granted, it was during frustrating moments of Zelda, but still…)

Un Garrote? I think I saw this in the preview of the Godfather game, well, it was a baseball bat, but it seem equally satisfying. Can’t find the link to that video…

Manhunt 2 for Wii: No Need To Hunt, The Man Is In Your Hand.

Wario Ware: Snuffed!

Or, alternatively, Wario Ware: Snuff Moves.


I gotta tell ya, I don’t get much more excited about game announcements than this. I loved the first one… and it might be a reason for me to buy a Wii someday. I just can’t imagine it being as violent as the last, especially not with the Wiimote. Irresponsible parents around the world would have a fit.

I was thinking about the Sierra adventure game, but gay porn would probably still be more appealing than Manhunt 2.

It WAS Manhunter 2: San Francisco, after all. And didn’t the aliens fly around in big blue balls?

You know, I genuinely didn’t think Manhunt was a bad game. It made sure to hit virtually every bullet point on the “dark and edgy” marketing checklist, but as a stealth game that occasionally went gun-crazy, I thought it was all right.

I thought manhunt was more than decent, and really surprised me because everyone expected it to be nothing more than exaggerated violence or something… probably the same people who thought Bully was going to mess up their kids…

I dunno, there’s something a little bit disturbing about the though of playing something like GTA and wii-moting (is that the term?) stabbing someone in the face, though having bought the guns for time crisis many moons back am I just making a fuss over nothing?

Pretty much.

My main problem with Manhunt wasn’t the our-game-is-very-dark-with-a-scary-font thing (that was just part of Rockstar going door-to-door trying to shock people), but more bringing into sharp relief why I haven’t much cared for most stealth games–they tend to be reload heavy, and mostly linear puzzlers. Largely the same reason that the Splinter Cells never really grabbed me. (Cue standard derail into Thief 1/2 nostalgia.)

Well played.