Married But;

That sounds like one of Dante’s layers of hell.

Yes. It’s the eyes… the cold, dead, dolls’ eyes that follow you as you walk by, judging.

Dear god.

Yes, that was my reaction.

Yes but now they’re probably worth 300k!

I’m sure they are long gone, in the inevitable dumpster fire.

I had no idea you were my brother in law

I’m paying for an apartment in a city close to Lisbon, it was less than that, I think, € - $…

An apartment close to Lisbon for 100k Euros? Omg, I have to move.

This was several years ago, it’s more expensive now, but still, I think my apartment is probably around 120k now. It was 70k a few years ago, after the financial crash, so, who knows.

I’ve got you covered.

$75K for a 4 bedroom 2 bath with 2000 sq ft. Wait, you did mean Lisbon, North Dakota right? You’re in Canada.


Lisbon, North Dakota is funny!

The number of shithole towns in the US boasting the name of famous places elsewhere is really ultimately very pathetic. Those sodbusters really did think their little Texas town was the next Paris lol.

How dare you besmirch the good name of Moscow, Idaho.

You can travel the world inside the state of Tennessee.

At least they’re named after famous, lovely places. There are shithole towns that are named after Shithole Towns.

Much bigger than any house close to Lisbon, Portugal for that price.

I remember going to Chicago to pick up a visiting Russian professor, and their confusion on the way back to the University of Iowa as we passed an exit sign for Moscow, Iowa.

Welcome to Hell, Michigan/

I’m partial to Boring, Oregon and Los Banos, CA.

There are plenty places called Baños down here. It’s all the volcanic hot springs. Baños de Agua Santa, in Tungurahua province, is a great place to visit, especially if you like outdoor activities like hiking, biking, zip lines, etc. Also, it’s smack on the slopes of an active volcano, so there is that to look forward to.