Marvel Heroes get tougher and tougher to quit

Title Marvel Heroes get tougher and tougher to quit
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When July 3, 2013

The problem with ragequitting is that it's hard to sustain rage, which makes it hard to sustain the quitting part. Especially when you're trying to quit a game you really like. For instance, I had no problem quitting SimCity..

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Did they name their company 'Gazillion' because they wanted to make lots of money? Makes sense considering the ridiculous pricing in this game.

No wonder CoH2 was a disappointed after you got hooked to this kind of unprecedented quality, innovation and graphical fidelity in the history of video game entertainment.

Yeah, I often have trouble quitting crass money grabs.

Iron Man, what ever. ROCKET RACOON ALL THE WAY !!!

Marvel Heroes is a terrible game. A game that I am playing a couple of hours every day and enjoying quite a bit, but still a terrible game. I have not paid a dime for the game, but I did have Miss Marvel drop for me, so that has helped keep the engagement up.

Why is it so engaging? Surely not the mechanics, Path of Exile, and even Diablo 3, have better mechanics, mob variety, and character powers. It is not the community, I have yet to type a single word into the chat box. It is not the graphics, which are a bit better than Diablo 2. It is not the Marvel skin it is wearing. I am not a big comic book fan, I go see the movies, but I don't buy them or know much about the lore. Or is it? If this was a generic magical land or space world, would I still be playing? I have played Marvel Heroes 10x more then I did Path of Exile, as there, I got bored with the setting. So far I am ascribing my engagement to the spandex suits and familiarity of mechanics.

I too am familiar with this rage. I angrily told Daredevil 'I wish I knew how to quite you' and then we did some make-up shard farming.

One other thing to note that is pretty awesome is that they have done away with the Cosmic Keys. You can now do everything in the game for free.

Tom has a raging erection for boardgames, games styled like boardgames, pinball, and terrible Diablo clones.

I didn't even know there was a city of heroes 2. I'm so there.

The angry fans of Krater, Van Helsing's Incredible Adventures, and all the Dungeon Sieges ever made beg to differ!

I still have no idea who that even is, and I'm not likely to know until James Gunn finishes his silly Infinite Galaxy Avengers movie, or whatever it's called.

Ooh, I didn't know that about the Cosmic Keys. I found one and never used it, but was always aware of those conspicuous cosmic locks on some of the missions.

We should be ashamed of ourselves. And I think we are, but it helps to say it.

Keep it. They said they would replace it with something special.

It's a Racoon with a BFG. Literally a BFG. He weeps Iron Man shaped tears . I don't even know what that means.