Marvel's Agent Carter

Yeah, I get the historical issues during that time period. No, really. I get it. It sucked when the boys came home from the war and women who had stepped up in their absence were pushed back to previous roles. It sucked for the women and it sucked for America.

I think just showing her downgraded role in SSR and being left out of the “important” work would’ve been sufficient. Instead, we got an on-screen reminder every few minutes in case we forgot it was 1946.

I found it strange that no one was smoking. I get it’s Disney so that’s why, but after seeing even a single episode of Mad Men I have a hard time believing NONE of those characters smoked. :)

Also, did anyone else think of Fringe during the type-writer stuff? In Fringe I think it was used to communicate across time - are we looking at possibly a time travel plot here? That would be … quite the trick to pull off well, to say the least.

Also also, Telefrog - regarding your nerd nitpick, I had the same thought (though it didn’t bother me or anything).

The compressed refinery thing didn’t really bother me. I just thought it was laughable.

I rarely like anything set in the first half of the 1900s so I was prepared to dislike the setting. I also got really tired of the sexism…this is not to say I thought it was out of place…I just felt like I was getting hit over the head with it at every turn. Hated the music (this isn’t saying much as I dislike music in almost anything).

Agent Carter and Jarvis were my favorites…she really did carry the show and will probably be the only reason I might continue to watch Agent Carter. I’d have to say it was pretty good, but not my cup of tea. Also, not sure about the rest of you, but the quality of the broadcast via Comcast in my area seemed really horrible. Most scenes looked overly dark and grainy to me. Perhaps that contributed to disappointment.

Intent of the show and target audience. Yes, there should be a lot of smoking since the military gave away cigarettes like candy during the war, but I’m more than happy for them to skip that on a network show. More difficult might be working in minorities.

Also, did anyone else think of Fringe during the type-writer stuff? In Fringe I think it was used to communicate across time - are we looking at possibly a time travel plot here? That would be … quite the trick to pull off well, to say the least.

Immediately. But it made sense within the framework of advanced 40’s tech. Didn’t like the overly-close-up-you-can’t-read the sentence camera work, though.

Bludgeoning the audience with sexism: thematically, it’s a basic component of showing her eventual worth. So, I imagine you are going to have to get used to it to some degree. Will probably do the current crop of Republicans some good. ;-)

Overall, I really liked it. I like period pieces, it was smartly written, and well-acted. Much, much better out-the-gate than Agents of Shield.

I enjoyed it. Yeah, they’re over-emphasizing the time period issues, and the tech is comic-book silly. But I knew going in what this show was and expected all that. I’ll keep watching as long as the characters are well-written and acted, and let the other stuff slide.

Assuming Agent Carter does well on its own to begin with, I’m hoping they’ll have a sort of crossover with Agents of SHIELD down the road. I could see some kind of mystery started with Agent Carter and completed on Agents of SHIELD. They sorta did a little of that with the obelisk, but I could see a full blown storyline made like that.

I liked it more than I expected. I prefer the espionage and crazy tech over superpowers too.

Oh it was most definitely heavy handed in its presentation, I agree 100%. I was just saying I took it with a grain of salt due to the historical significance of that era.

Speaking of eras, Hayley Atwell does the 40’s look exceptionally well. Her and Jarvis are absolutely the best part of the show.

and Yes I instantly flashed back to Fringe at the typewriter scene.

I’ve been waiting for someone else to comment on something like this, I was beginning to think it was just me.

The point about the sexism is it’s not supposed to be a feminist propaganda movie, but a feminist movie. This consists in its being unflinching in its depiction of the situation for women of that time period, whenever the story demands it; but it doesn’t mean manufacturing a mini-lecture on the subject every minute or two.

Stilll, it’s just a minor annoyance in an otherwise great looking new superhero tv show!

Somehow I think that as it’s only 8 episodes and it’s kind of a “mini-series event” that the series will neatly wrap up by the very end and this will be it.

— Alan

My broadcast signal is mediocre to say the least, but it looked OK to me. Maybe there was something up in your area. It’s on Hulu+ if that’s an option for you, or the less savory parts of the Internet always have HD quality.

It did cross my mind to wonder if there were actually any highend Black fences with a white clientele in 1946.

Yeah, there are a few things, especially with regards to Coulson and the origin of the Tahiti line. They’re scattered through episodes that steadily improve from the show’s slow start but aren’t great.

Quite true, and I enjoyed it as well. My only major disappointment is that Enver Gjokaj’s character wasn’t given anything interesting to do. Limping around and not being a sexist jerk are fine as far as they go, but they’re not enough.

I really hope they juice up Enver Gjokaj’s character at some point and make him a hero. They’re already dealing with physical augmentation stuff in the form of Vita rays, so it wouldn’t be a huge leap to have him regrow that lost leg and become a sidekick for Carter.

My wife went straight to Fringe before the typewriter even responded.

I suspect they will keep him handicapped to continue to show the parallels between Carter and him with regards to their co-workers.

The “mini series” format was planned as a mid season filler for Agents of Shield intentionally but they also planned it as a backdoor pilot. If the series does well, it will likely get more episodes, possibly another mini series or maybe even as a summer series.

For me, it interrupted the show and made it more than an minor annoyance. It really jarred me each time it happened. It’ like the writers paused, “Time to get out the sexism bludgeon”