Mass Effect: Character class on first run through?

So I found myself staring at the character class selection for a good fifteen minutes before going with an Infiltrator. It really seemed to be between that and Vanguard for first go. What is everyone else doing?

Grr, what happened to my poll? Ok, guess we’ll have the thread without the poll, as it’s not worth creating a new one just for that.

For my first run through, I am trying the Vanguard out.

Seems that most play as Vanguard.

There are a lot of areas where the sniper rifle will come in handy, though, right at the beginning.

Adept ftw!

Well, I dunno, but “mage” seems cool…?

Would it be too spoilerish to ask if there is a mid-game class upgrade?

I think the manual mentioned something about Spectre powers.

I went with the Infiltrator too, mostly because it sounded the most bad-ass.

I just want to get off Taris and get my lightsaber…

I’m playing through as the combat specialist guy. I made him into Studly Beefcake dude and I think I’m going to pump up Intimidate.

Second time through I’ll go as the mage-type guy.

In a bioware game, always go with the fighter equivalent. It’s always easier and less painful.

I went Adept…not really feeling it yet. I’m pausing so much to use abilities that the shooter stuff is feeling a little limp, and the abilities I do use aren’t registering much impact. Hoping it grows into something more…interesting.

It’s reminding me of playing my first Kotor character, in which I gave the middle finger to lightsabers and went the arcane archer(ie. pistol) force-power player. MY second play as a hateful jedi melee brute was a lot more gratifying.

I’m going to make an infiltrator. I’m not so excited about the midichlorian implants.

adept… so far… playing on normal and the pistol+cover has aced everything pretty easily. I haven’t used the powers much unless I’m just pushing enemies out of their cover. I get the feeling the push/lift power is going to be Godly later so I’m pretty happy with it right now. Gave Wrex and assault rifle and have basically let him go to town with it, using the third slot for a healer type… Also upgraded Wrex’s barrier quite a bit.

I went with the infiltrator because, given freedom to do so, my natural behavior in all FPS games tends more towards Sam Fisher than Serious Sam.

Bioware released videos for each class, showing how they play in combat. I think you can see them all here.

I usually don’t go for the basic fighter type, but I think I might here. They appear to compensate for a lack of “powers” by making him able to handle many different types of weapons (and, from the video, it looks like you’re supposed to switch between those weapons mid-fight to pick the most appropriate for the situation, unlike most RPGs where, even if the fighter can use many different weapons, you usually just stick him with one and rarely change it).

I’m not sure Vanguard is worth it, given that the trade off for getting a few spells is apparently being limited to one weapon - the shotgun - for the entire game.

Since it seemed like the best way for review, my first runthrough was default John Shephard. The experience has been excellent and never impersonal, which pleased me.

The cool thing though, is that it’s not impersonal even if you choose a custom character with a custom background.

Kelvana Shephard. Colony attack survivor, ruthless renegade, Vanguard. She’s got bright green eyes, black hair, and a jawline that could slice steel, and somehow her facial scar just enhances her hotness – especially when she’s waving a big fucking gun in your face. (She really, really likes to intimidate people.) But you’d be pretty pissed off too if your whole family had been killed and you had to go after the ones that did it yourself because the fucking military was too incompetent. I’ll post a picture tonight, aren’t you EXCITED?

I agree that it’s totally not impersonal with a custom character – this is the first RPG where I felt like the character I designed has features that really reflect the personality I intended for her. Every time I look at her I’m reminded of what I want her character to be. The facial system in this game enhances the roleplaying far beyond what I ever expected.

I’m not too concerned about only getting to use one weapon. Right now I’m thinking that Wrex can handle the big guns and I can abuse people heavily with massively jacked up Warp. Group power coordination with the right shoulder button FTW!

Fuck the shotgun. Pistol is where it’s at for Vanguard deathdealing. Do not underestimate the pistol.

I’m playing Vanguard first time through. The biotics powers are kinda useless at first, but later on you’ll find they pick up substantially. I would recommend dumping as much into Warp and Lift (unlocked via Throw) as you can. Lift becomes obscenely powerful late in the game. You can levitate whole groups of enemies and just shoot them as they hang there.

And there is a “prestige” class upgrade beyond just becoming a Spectre, but you have to find the quest that awards it to you.

I’m playing as a Sentinel. It sucks, took me 3 hours to finish my first “boss” fight (myself, engineer and soldier).

Why are you playing a game you don’t like? Oh, right, you’re from NMA. You don’t like anything.