Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered - coming soon?

It appears that we may be getting a Mass Effect trilogy remaster as soon as September. I’m super excited about this:

Hmm… Curious how remastered it actually is?
Even though I love RPGs I waited too long to give Mass Effect a go and the graphics and interface is just too rough for my “modern” sensibility…

I’ve been seeing a bunch of stuff pop up on my newsfeed lately so it seems like something may be up, but I haven’t seen anything that looks like a slam dunk. Still, if it exists and doesn’t release om November 7 that seems like a missed opportunity!

I never played the original trilogy, so I’m looking forward to this long-rumored remaster.

God dammit, I’ll probably buy that (as long as it’s remastered enough to be worth my while). In the final analysis I enjoyed all three games, albeit in different ways and to different degrees.

I suppose it’s notable for ME1 being the last proper BioWare game we’ll ever see.

RIP :/

All right, what was the over/under for the first shitpost?

Creating one of, if not the, greatest space opera in video games is a worthy legacy.

Will always be my favorite by a country mile. God. ME1 is just. . . I don’t have words for how much I adore it.

I think you’ll find that Dragon Age Origins came out after Mass Effect… :)

I mean, in fairness I was pretty pissed about the direction they took in 2 at the time myself, but if you come to it on its own terms there’s a lot of good there. Still, I understand why some people never got over it.

Mm fair, I probably transposed it because DAO spent so long in development hell.

I’ll admit it was fairly tame as far as these kind of things go. I expected something about human reapers or red, blue and green choices or ‘my face is tired’. But there’s still plenty of time for those.

Yeah, give it time. :)

And let’s be honest, any jab about human reapers is legit, no matter how much I may have otherwise enjoyed the game.

See, I have the advantage of having bailed halfway through ME2 before any of that nonsense could affect me.


ME2 was superior in some ways, inferior in others.

I dislike the more action oriented take on combat, and some (most) of the main plot is dumb, compared to the carefully developed world of the first.

However it has some of the best character moments in gaming, and some of the sidequests are transcendent.

The genophage cure sidequest? So beautifully brilliant, and one I literally walked away at the ending to consider the choice on for a few minutes.

ME2 is a pretty solid tactical shooter with some great character writing and, as you say, some absolutely brilliant side quests. It stands on those strengths, and really only those strengths. Once I realized that’s what it was I really enjoyed it, but it was a damn jarring transition coming to it from ME1.

Yeah, there’s something to enjoy in each of the Mass Effect games - that’s right EVERY ONE OF THEM. There’s nothing else out there doing what Mass Effect did, not even close. I have high hopes for stuff that’s coming like Starfield and Beyond Good and Evil 2 but nobody’s doing epic sci-fi RPGs for whatever reason. And if the best I can hope for in the meantime is a remaster then by god, bring it on.

I should really get around to trying Andromeda, I guess. I picked it up back when it was on sale for $4 but it’s been collecting dust in the backlog ever since.

If you’re one of those people who liked ME1’s approach, preferred its more open and exploration-friendly approach to playing, then you absolutely owe it to yourself to give Andromeda a chance.