Master of Orion 2

I thought this was available via a download service somewhere but I cannot find it. Or my actual disk, alas.

Am I crazy?

  1. It isn’t currently available for download, AFAIK, but the (fairly solid) rumor is that GoG will be offering it soon.

  2. Without question, yes.

I do believe its Master of Orion 1 that GOG will have soon, according to their website

It is purchasable as download from Well, if you live in the right region that is.

That’s cool, I didn’t realize Atari had an online store. But I found my disk.

Well at least now we have a thread for when GoG does release it. They will won’t they? Please don’t make me beg GoG…

Don’t all major publishers have online stores?
-Atari has one.
-EA has one.
-Ubisoft has one.
-Activation Blizzard has one.

Okay, the web store from Take-two sells physical copies online, so not all of them have an online store that sells downloadable games. But most do.

Getting it to work is another matter entirely.

This image from their announcement at the CD Projekt conference (courtesy of the GoG thread) shows the box art for MOO2, though, so it’s a good bet that it’s coming. That announcement on the GoG site may well just be referring to the series, not the specific game.

I would buy Moo, Moo 2, and Mom from GoG for sure (even though I now have my Moo and Moo 2 discs). I might buy 2 copies, just because.

I got Moo 2 workihng but I have graphics issues I’m seeing other people experience around the web. Looking into fixes now.

Is it the one where the colors go all distorted? Try alt tabbing to the task manager and ending the explorer.exe process. It’s a bit drastic and you may need to reboot afterwards, but damnit this Moo we’re talking about.

I made a batch file as per these instructions to do this, and that fixed the color issue.

The other problem I had was the dplay.dll issue. I tried renaming dplayx.dll to dplay.dll and copying into windows\system32, but that didn’t work. So I did the same thing, but this time I renamed the dplayx.dll from a different place (the first time I was using the 32bit version I think, and this was 64bit) and placing it in the 64bit system folder (wow64 or something, I forget). That got the game running.

I had forgotten what a cheaty-pants the AI was.

Only on the highest difficulty, I believe. I thought the AI on the second highest difficulty was perfect for single player. For a multiplayer hotseat or LAN game, we always play against Impossible AI. He cheats a lot, but we can still beat it sometimes, depending on our luck in the Galaxy map (at the start, especially).

Killing explorer is indeed a bit drastic. The thing I did in windows 7 is right-clicking the desktop and selecting screen resolution. Having that screen open in the background should have the same effect as killing explorer.exe, but it is far less drastic.

The Win95 executable works for me with no problems in Vista 32-bit.

Relatively speaking, Hard has less damatic bullshit going on than Impossible,but that’s not saying much. I don’t mean cheating to just mean “free resources” either. I mean that the computer basically cheats things against you to make the game harder.

E.g. The Gnolam were kind of miffed at me but I bribed the shit out of them and got my relations way into the positive. Several treaties further boosted our relations. Then we had a diplomatic marriage! Everything is great! 2 turns later his armada arrives at a key system to wipe it out.

Or the fish dudes (separate game), who I worked on early so they never really had a chance to get upset at me. Great relations, several treaties, lots of bribes. They wanted to trade their anti missile rockets for something a lot better so I turned them down, but relations were doing fine. Then, without warning, war.

It’s the most jihady AI ever.

Awesome - thanks! I just saw they wrote Master of Magic and Master of Orion :-)

I have both games, from way back, but I’ll pay good money for a GOG version

The main cheat is the Fleet Control Points (or whatever), which the computer can pretty much ignore. You combat this with better tech and ship designs, but you still have to kill huge piles of ships at a time in Turn-Based combat.

This game cries for a remake…REMAKE not a sequel or something equally silly.

There is barely a thing to change except screen resolution and perhaps bigger galaxy…rest is just flawless.

Elemental is the closest thing to this…