Masters of Horror: Seasons 1 & 2

Forgive me if this is repetitive country. I didn’t see much about it in the archive search. I’m wondering if there are any MoH fans out there. Perhaps with favorite episodes?

My wife and I can’t get enough of this series. Not that it always delivers, but when no one has the entrepreneurial spirit enough to start the Horror Channel, it’s what we have to settle for. That Stephen King - Nightmare/Dreamscape trash was just drivel. What can we do? Horror always seems to bubble up to the top of our Netflix queue and poof, we’re left high, dry, and searching Showtime’s listings. And now that DEXTER is gone for a while (a great series so far), it’s all we can hang our bloody hooks on.

After watching old, disturbing greats like Last House on the Left, it’s a shame what most of these “Masters” are coming up with when given carte blanche. What really hooked us was Dario Argento’s first effort: “Jenifer” Yeeps! Others have been decent (dance of the dead, contortion sisters), some awful (deer woman), and some lean a little too heavily on humor(Landis’ democratic one). I have to say that all of them rely pretty heavily on boobs. My wife & I always like to be the first to identify which woman we’ll be seeing topless - (it happens WITHOUT FAIL, Must be a prerequisite for Mick Garris).

Have to applaud Takashi Miike for running with it and making something so wrong that even Showtime wouldn’t air it (released later on DVD). That one was solid too, but for the main dude’s acting and why, why, why name her “Komomo.”

We’re enjoying the second season so far. Nice beasties in Pro-Life and that buxom bandaged babe’s face was the most effective make-up I’ve seen on any screen, small or large, in years.

And if anyone has a lead on where I can find a decent mp3 of the opening credits music, I’d be truly indebted. I love it. Even though we have it DVRed, we still always watch the opening. Just brilliant!

Yeah, that opening is pretty cool, huh?

I’ve only seen a few. How 'bout that Deer Woman? It had Brian Benben, so it was like Dream On, but with a weredeer. Who gets topless, natch. Ugh.

I’ve been pretty disappointed overall. The Lucky McGee and John Carpenter ones have been my favorites, but even those were kinda weak. I didn’t realize they were doing a second season, so I’ll have to keep an eye out for them.

I didn’t know there was a Miike one. Cool. Off to dig through Netflix now. BTW, make sure you guys watch 3 Extremes.


Ten episodes of second season so far. Nice fur-effect in Pelts, and the first episode
(I think) was funny.

The first 7 are all better than the worst of the first season, not that it’s saying much ;)

Surprisingly, a few of the episodes don’t flash boobs at ya! You may want to
keep a skinmag handy if you need your fix.

EDIT: Found the score, along with a few other tracks. Just Google :)

I think the only other time I’ve seen the series mentioned here was my fault, in a thread about the book World War Z.

The Miike segment is hampered by godawful performances, IMO. I also hadn’t been paying attention to the directors preemptively and tended to only look up who’s segment was whose afterwards. But roundabouts the time I started feeling downright queasy about something unfortunate being done that involved fingernails and needles, I thought to myself, “wait a minute, this must be Miike.” Sure enough. It’s rare that anything “horror” causes a literally visceral reaction from me that he’s pretty recognizable.

I enjoyed John Carpenter’s segment, but mainly it made me want to go watch “In the Mouth of Madness” again. “Sick Girl” led me to renting “May,” which was a great outcome for it (groovy little creepy flick, where the horror lies mostly in the ever-increasing foreboding of “oh, this isn’t going to end well.”) “Deer Woman” was just really goofy, but I ended up watching that one while not exactly sober, which in retrospect I should have arranged for most of the episodes in general. I think it’s a better match for the spirit of the show.

I wasn’t impressed with “Jennifer” in any way, except as perhaps a super-duper extra long cut of Aphex Twins’ “Windowlicker” video with no music.

I enjoyed Cigarrette Burns in the first season, still working my way thru all of 'em. I second the 3 Extremes recommendation.

You talking about that CheefBrody bootleg? Or (I hope) something more official? Please link. Neither of the two MoH CDs has it on there, the bastards!

Yeah, just a bootleg of sorts. Five tracks, short excerpts. The score is just the 1m 21s played during the intro.