Matrix Online - 3 Free trials for "friends and family&q\

So basically during this week period where they’re running a particular live event they will be giving three trial period serials for use by anyone you want. At the end of the 20th through 29th they deactivate, and you can reactivate it by purchasing the store box. Kinda interesting, I think this sort of thing should be more prevalent for all MMOs (and I’m not talking about having a 15 day free trial of a base product which isn’t very useful for new or casual players without having access to all the pay expansion packs during the testing period).

If anyone wants to post some stuff I’d be passingly interested.

Well, nobody said anything so I just ended up deleting my install of the game… I also canceled a week ago, so this post was more a comment on how this should be a trend but it really isn’t …

They’re going all out to attract subscribers. First, the TV media blitz, price drops, and now free trials.

Hope it works and they get enough people to sustain what they have going.

Perhaps someday in Acedema we will learn about the phases of an MMOGs life corrolated to how long it takes to reach each stage.

For example: Free trails withing the first few months of release = “This mmog will be lucky to break even.” or Free trials after several years = “This MMOG had a good run, but we are trying to stave off the grim reaper for another year or two because our second product totally tanked.”

It should be an intresting read whenever someone puts together such a list.

Yeah, but WoW included free trials since day one and this seems like the same sort of trial. Ten days, buy the retail box to continue playing. I don’t think you can really judge a game by how soon they start offering samples, though I wonder how well MxO has been doing, lately.

That said, I still have one unclaimed trial key to give out. PM me if you want it.

WoW offered a free trial with purchase. You could not just download WoW and play it for free without someone having bought the boxed game as well. That is a smart marketing move. On the other hand, just letting people download your client, and then optionally start paying a monthly fee is an act of desperation.

It’s also marked down to $30 at the stores. I don’t think this one is selling. Too bad, it’s a decent game.

How is that different? You have to have an account in MxO to get the three keys to give out to your friends and family

I’m kind of surprised they’re doing ‘friends and family’. I have a passing curiosity in the game, but nobody I know plays it, which is why I’m still curious if it’s worth my time or not. If one of my friends at the office could give me a yes or no on it, my purchase decision would be made then. If I had a chance to just get a trial subscription for a few days to put it through its paces, then I’d be all over it.

But then again, I’m so awfully close to my epic mount right now that I doubt another MMO could snatch me away.

I’d say no unless you know someone who is playing it. =)

WoW is a better game…