Matt Drudge Ruins Everything

Yes, it does make sense to have people born into a family privileged by law and funded by the country? Not only does it make a mockery of democratic ideals, it also violates the choice of the people who are born into a situation where they’re supposed to be representative of the soul of the country, or some such bullshit.

I think royalty is cute. They should be kept in a zoo to amuse children.

Don’t they all get a fairly large stipend from the government? Free security, travel, that sort of thing? I think that would bother me if I were British, but as far as I’m concerned as a rebelious colonial, they’re free to pay gobs of money to whoever they want.

As a soldier, he’s a brother in arms, royal or not. Wishing him dead, especially if you’ve served, is undeserved. He’s not exactly sitting around drinking tea and crumpets over there, which is more than I can say for the free passes some of the sons of the politically-connected I’ve seen.

Each royal, from British to Thai, should be judged on their own merits.

Charles, on the other hand…

If his merit is that he’s served 10 weeks in a warzone without special treatment then forgive me for not jumping with joy. Not getting special treatment just meant he wasn’t getting it right now. Let me know when he finds a job and has to earn a living and maybe I’ll consider his merits.

The merit is that he doesn’t even have to go there, and he’d serve longer than 10 weeks if the drudge story hadn’t broken.

It’s not really his fault he was born a royal, too bad he deserves the death sentence from you anyway.

Do you also want the children of the wealthy to die too? Because they’ll never have to worry about finding work or earning a living either. In fact, the vast majority of wealthy people in the world did absolutely nothing to earn or deserve their wealth: they were born into it.

Life isn’t fair, and you’re making yourself look like a petulant child by whining about it.

Hey, for all you know he’s actively working for the massacre of the rich.

Actually, whining about the unfairness of life is a reasonable way to effect change, if enough people whine at the same time, preferably while marching down a wide boulevard carrying signs. Or if they whine in letters to their representatives.

Now that I think about it, the Declaration of Independence is mostly whining. 90% of it is this tedious list of nasty things George III is supposed to have done, as justification for the colonists taking their marbles and going home.

True, but wishing someone’s death just because of the family they were born into is also the kind of thing our forefathers worked to abolish.

Carrying guns or at least pitchforks and shovels is more effective. I’m pretty sure the American Revolution was won with violence rather than by loud complaining.

Killing rich people probably isn’t going to be all that easy, although now that I think about, there aren’t a whole lot of them, are there? :)

The children of the wealthy owe their positions to their family and while I might not think it’s beneficial I can hardly disagree with parents wanting to look out for their children. The children of the non-royal wealthy as a rule aren’t funding their ski trips, sport cars or yachts with tax money. I’m not opposed to government handouts, I just don’t see why one family gets millions, no questions asked, while every other family has to show reciepts if they want reimbursement for a bus pass. Then it’s no longer a private matter in the family, it is public policy.

Life isn’t fair, and you’re making yourself look like a petulant child by whining about it.

Life isn’t fair. True. But there’s fairness, and there’s injustice. Treating one family better, making laws to accomodate them, giving them privilege on behalf of the people without any consideration of merit, that is injustice, a relic of a medieval society we should have left behind.

Drudge’s leak was pretty irresponsible, since it is obvious that it makes attacks aimed at Prince Harry in particular more likely.

The idea of royalty may be dumb, but that isn’t really Prince Harry’s fault.

On the other hand, Dr. King achieved wonders through whining.

On the third hand, you’ve accomplished nothing, and all you do is whine. You’d think the odds would be on your side. Maybe you could mix it up with some whimpering and pouting as well, I don’t know.

Or perhaps the specific meaning of the word matters, and you should knock this shit off.