Mcnamee has physical evidence? *chomps fishsticks*

sorry roger, you roidheadnow.

so wait… he held onto bloody gauze and syringes for 7 years?

Was he holding them for blackmail purposes?

I suspect he had one of those red biohazard containers that you see around hospitals, for disposing of used syringes, etc. Probably never got around to throwing it away.

Amazing to think that he was sitting on the knowledge that he had already turned this over to the feds while Roger continued to make statements to the media. I would expect that Roger and his lawyers are re-examining their strategy for the upcoming testimony…

He apparently didn’t turn it over until today. Most likely he was holding on to it in case Clemens turned on him if things got nasty.

according to the article it was last month.

According to a lawyer familiar with the matter, McNamee had syringes used to inject Clemens with steroids and human growth hormone that still had traces of Clemens’s blood. McNamee gave those syringes to federal prosecutors last month when they came to New York to meet with McNamee and his lawyer, Earl Ward

He turned it over last month, according to the article (as rjcc mentions above). However, it was apparently Clemens’ taped phone call + press conference that caused McNamee to turn the evidence over to the feds, as McNamee didn’t mention the physical evidence to Mitchell.

Clemens is in a tough spot, because either he keeps to his story, continues to repeat what he deposed on Tuesday, at which point he is open to prosecution, or he changes his testimony in front of Congress, and looks like a liar. The timing is quite awkward for Clemens.

My mistake. I had heard reported that he had just turned it over.

Even so, it looks like he did it after Clemens did the “60 Minutes” interview and after Clemens’ had his lawyer sue.

As I think about the timing, I wonder if McNamee turned over the syringes, etc. to the feds in order for them to do some credible DNA testing, which usually takes a few weeks. With the results presumably back and incriminating Roger, the timing would be right to release the info right about now. Or perhaps they were just waiting for Clemens deposition to be completed…