Médecine Politique: A Qt3 Empires in Arms PBF Game


Willing to lose more PP?


Ah no. Austria is having issues coming to terms with its new status as a vassal state. Austria refuses the entreaties of Landgrave William.

EDIT: We have no further actions this political phase.


The Sultan will not make a roll for Hesse.


The Tsar stays away from any dice too.


Austria is fickle: having received yet another missive from the Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, we have decided to provide advice and support to the new Prince-Elector. We will roll for control of Hesse. Final answer.


Prussia will not roll for Hesse


Spain won’t roll for Hesse


We Roll for No One


I believe that means Austria gains control, does it not?


April, 1805

Political Phase Continued

F. The Minor Country Control Step. Setup in the order: France,

Austria (@Matt_W) gains control of Hesse by Default. 8 Factors (including a converted Cavalry Factor) are placed in Kassel. No corps is placed.

G. The Breaking Alliances Step.

Does anyone wish to break an Alliance?

H. The Free State Declaration Step.

Any Free States to Declare?

I. The Declaration of Combined Movement Step.

Any Combined Movement?

Silence here on these issues implies consent by 1100 EST Tomorrow, Sunday March 17, 2019 (my namesake’s Saint’s Day).

L’ambassadeur de l’exposition


No action on these


No actions.


Austria has no further actions either.


De nada




April, 1805

Political Phase Ends

Reinforcement Phase Begins

Map as of the Beginning of the Reinforcement Phase

Game File at the Beginning of the Reinforcement Phase

There are no Naval reinforcements this Phase, nor any Fleets which can be placed.

B. The Army Reinforcement Step. The major powers perform this step in the order; Spain, Great Britain, Prussia, Austria, Turkey, Russia, France.

All Powers please send me your April Reinforcements and updated Military Information Sheets. No exceptions on the latter. Order should not matter his phase.

Le général de l’exposition


April, 1805

Political Phase Ends

Reinforcement Phase Continued

Only Turkey (@Panzeh) and Russia (@MiquelRamirez) are outstanding on Military Information Sheets/Reinforcement Orders. We wait.

Le général de l’exposition


I didn’t realize we were playing this real time :P


We await Russia.


FYI, everyone, you moderator has the flue, so I may be down for the count for a bit.