Médecine Politique: A Qt3 Empires in Arms PBF Game


Great Britain has completed her Land Setup


Mon Dieu, I sound redundant…

When each player receives the Vassal file, a few things:

1.) Join the game as your country (you’ll be given the option of various…Prussia, choose Prussia, please…for example).

2.) There is a right click option on the Corps (called “Mask”) to flip them to their “Identity hidden” side. Please remember to do that after placement.

3.) When done, send me your Military Information sheet (in a zip file at that dropbox link in the initial post). I’ll need that as well as your Vassal Save file before I make the next country’s dispositions of Corps, garrisons and fleets public.

ALSO - 4.) for those countries with Minor Garrisons, note that there is a “Change Value” right click function, that lets you apply to that Garrison it’s nationality.

—Next up is Espana (@Mark_Weston). On Deck is L’Empereur (@Juan_Raigada) .

General Exposition



Great Britain has land? Who knew?



Very exciting. We’re getting close.



I haven’t used VASSAL in a few years, so I might need an evening to remember how not to completely screw it up.



España has completed her Land Setup


I shan’t bore you all with the usual falderol.

Note that Russia and Turkey have completed their Naval Setups as well (convenient that…).

The Naval Setup order is: Russia, Turkey, France, Spain and Great Britain. Therefore, France will do her Land and Naval Setups now, and then Spain (@Mark_Weston) and Great Britain (@Kolbex) will follow with theirs. At that point, setups will be complete.

—Next up is L’Empereur (@Juan_Raigada) . Spain, you are on deck for Naval Setup.

General (Admiral?) Exposition



L’Empereur has completed his Setup of La Grande Armée

He has also completed the Setup of La Marine Impériale



Setups are approaching their dénouement.

—Next up is España for Naval Setup (@Mark_Weston ) . Great Britain (@Kolbex) , you are on deck for Naval Setup.

Admiral (…sigh…) Exposition

I wonder if I get a funny hat…



I have also finished my naval setup



The mighty Prussian navy sails on.



España has completed Setup of La Armada Real


Setups are at their dénouement.

—Next up, and Last is The Royal Navy (@Kolbex) . Put down the grog and Heave to, Sir!

Admiral (…sigh again…) Exposition

Maybe I won’t get a funny hat…



Wherein Emperor Napoleon literally and figuratively brings the big guns.



Unfortunately it wasn’t until 1816 that somebody told the Prussians that they had a coastline




Just waiting on the British (@Kolbex).

Mon Dieu…




Great Britain has completed Setup of The Royal Navy

Setups are complete.

Le modérateur should have a message soon about what comes next.

General (…Finally…) Exposition



The Beginning of the Year of our Lord, 1805.

January, 1805

Donnez-moi des alliés à combattre à chaque fois.

“Give me allies to fight against every time.”

Napoleon Bonaparte

“Joining a coalition with the avowed purpose of resisting Napoleon, even if it was a purely defensive coalition, would have broken that neutrality and invited a French attack, which he feared at least as much as Cobenzl, Francis, and Charles did.”

—Kagan, Frederick. The End of the Old Order: v. 1 (Napoleon And Europe) , (p. 125). Da Capo Press.

L’art du sens politique consiste à prévoir l’inévitable et à en accélérer la réalisation.

“The art of statesmanship is to foresee the inevitable and to expedite its occurrence.”

Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord

Là où certains états ont une armée, l’armée prussienne a un état.

“Where some states have an army, the Prussian Army has a state.”


Avez-vous été mordu par une tarentule? Qu’est-ce qui vous menace? Qui vous sentez-vous? Tu veux toujours incendier le monde? Pourquoi?

“Were you bitten by a tarantula? What’s threatening you? Who do you resent? You still want to set fire to the world? Why?

L’Empereur to Metternich when presented with notice of the Austrian Declaration of War

We find ourselves at the beginning of the year; France is at War with Great Britain, Austria and Prussia. L’Empereur has massed the bulk of Le Grande Armee in Holland. However the Empire has few forces in Italy. As well, the British and the Spanish, while ostensibly at Peace, seem to be staring at each other across the boundary to the Port of Gibraltar (always a sore spot with the Spanish, this British Occupation of Spanish soil). I’ll leave it to Le général de l’exposition to go over this, and other things in more detail later. L’ambassadeur de l’exposition may have a few things to add as well.

We now begin January 1805.

Political Phase

This Phase proceeds as below:

A. The Diplomacy Step.

B. The Declarations of War Step.

C. The Call to Allies Step. The order of calling is determined by competitive die rolls.

D. The Peace Step. Peace term selection order is determined by the order the major powers went to war.

E. The Creating Alliances Step.

F. The Minor Country Control Step. Setup in the order: France,

Russia, Turkey, Austria, Prussia, Great Britain, Spain.

G. The Breaking Alliances Step.

H. The Free State Declaration Step.

I. The Declaration of Combined Movement Step.

This Diplomacy Step will be short and sweet, as all have had ample time to negotiate and coordinate, given the lengthy time dedicated to Pre-Game Diplomacy.

By 2359 January 21, 2019, EST Declarations of War on Major and Minor Countries are due. These will be resolved simultaneously.

Then, Calls to Allies will be resolved (if needed). After which, the Peace Step will also be resolved with celerity (if any Powers wish to surrender, they may offer to do so at that time).

After that, any countries that wish to Ally may do so. Both countries must announce that they do so.

Then, I will resolve Minor Country control, based on any Declarations of War against minors in Declarations of War Step.

Lastly, we will resolve the last 3 Steps (which should also move quickly, likely).

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator



The Roman Emperor requires his advisors to make available a comprehensive map of Europe and the Ottoman Empire showing the disposition of forces as can best be presently determined. In fact, we require a sand table or other format with which my generals and I manipulate and scrutinize forces and plan scenarios.



I’d like to thank the ambassador for his willingness to help me in avoiding reading the dry rules.




Does this mean you would like the current Vassal file?

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator



Yes please, dear moderator.




All shall have one.

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator



Maxim V. All wars should be governed by certain principles, for every war should have a definite object, and be conducted according to the rules of art. (A war should only be undertaken with forces proportioned to the obstacles to be overcome.)

Napoleon Bonaparte

So, as we begin 1805, there are several things to examine:

Firstly is the large force assembled under L’Empereur in Hanover. It could march on Berlin, but the Corps in Magdeburg could prove a problem. As well, the Other Prussian Armies could Reinforce. I’d keep my eye on Marshal Massena. He may tell this tale with his movements.

Secondly, the British and the Spanish are eyeing each other warily. Is this just happenstance?

Thirdly, Northern Italy seems to literally beckon the Austrians to invade. Or will Ney and Davout react westward and southwards?

Lastly, the British Fleet is blockading the French and Dutch Fleets in the Channel. Note the French Corps present in these ports. If a fleet breaks out, they could invade the Emerald Isle. If they attempt to however, the Royal Navy will automatically have the wind gauge. This means they fire first and do damage first in a battle. The French or Dutch will engage and fire after taking that damage. Whoever loses fewer ships wins the battle. This makes it hard for blockaded ships to break out; they must win a slightly handicapped battle to do so.

However, the French have 49 ships divided amongst those 4 Fleets. Their allies the Dutch have 15, we know this, it is publick knowledge. One of those fleets could have 30 ships. Or 1. We do not know.

On the other hand the British have 100 ships, divided amongst seven fleets, two of which are not blockading these Fleets. Is there a place where the Franco-Dutch are strong and the British weak? We do not know.

So why doesn’t the Royal Navy just sail in and fight? Well, first of all that gives the enemy the wind gauge (as described above). But see these blockade boxes? See those numbers there at the bottom? Those 80s, 90s and 60s? Those are the Port’s guns. Well, if a land unit is in the port, those guns can be fired before combat. Those act as a one round firing of equivalent ships. So, say a British Fleet of 30 Ships sailed in to attack a French Fleet of 20. Well, the guns would fire and do, oh, a middling-puny roll of 10% of damage. Then the French Would have the wind gauge. Let’s say they rolled a middling-puny 10% of damage. That would be 11 ships destroyed before combat began! The British would then roll on their (now) 19 Ships. Even on a maximum of 25%, they only would destroy 4 ships. Quite the disincentive to sail in and attack.

I think that’s enough for now. I bid you a fond, adieu, and hopefully L’ambassadeur de l’exposition will show up soon and deal with all this political nonsense. I’ll be in my study perusing maps and ordres de bataille .

Le général de l’exposition