Medicus driver... any golfers?

So I’m watching the golf channel right now, there’s an infomercial for something called the Medicus driver, a practice club which has a hinge built into the shaft that “breaks” when your swing isn’t correct. It looks like a pretty cool device to help self-correct your swing, but then it is an infomercial.

Anyone out there with any experience of this thing, first-hand or otherwise? I am a bit of a sucker for golf training aids, so I prefer to get some second opinions before diving in on something like this.

Yes, I have used it (though I don’t own one). It works. It really does help you smoothe out your swing. I don’t know if was using that particular brand though.

The problem is that the swing the club “grooves” may not be the best swing for you.

Granted, it’s not like it’d teach you to swing like Jim Furyk so it’s fine for an average golfer.

I’m a big fan of the “Inside approach” personally.

I’ve used the Medicus before, and it does seem to help my backswing. It is kinda expensive, so I’d recommend a lesson or two over it (that would help more in the long run). Unless you can pick up one cheap on ebay or in the local paper, that is.

They show other things on TV on Sundays in the fall? Who knew?