Metro Exodus may ruin the bullet economy

Yep this makes the publisher look good.

“If you have been affected we strongly recommend you contact the seller who sold you the unlicensed key and demand a refund,” Deep Silver say.

That’s the risk though of buying from 3rd party sites that aren’t authorized resellers.

I think most people will still be fine. Any time I used CDkeys, for example, and their code didn’t work, I contacted them for a refund and they’ve given it to me each time.

Don’t understand why they aren’t recovering their losses from the factory which allowed the keys to be stolen, rather than consumers who bought in good faith. Guess it’s just easier to shit on the end user.

Why not do both?

Maybe they are.

And boom there it is, Epic keys for this are now on the Humble Store.

$40 after discount and cash back. Epic or Humble Store or someone is not making much profit.


Wait, why you have that cash back? I don’t :(.

I checked, and it is gone now, must have been a limited time thing.

That’s just a .jpg from 20 days ago, I’m sure the deal expired since.

Yes I know, But I’ve seen people talking of the cash back thing in HB a few times before and I’ve never seen it, I was wondering if it just limited by region (only USA?)

DLC news:

Game is headed to the Windows Store!

Wait, what? How does this work? Do the devs beg epic to let them publish on another store? “We got a yes for Microsoft! Still negative for steam and GOG…”

I just finished it. Great FPS, as always. Artyom not talking was one of the biggest missteps, as this sequel increases the amount of character dialogue and it’s so silly when 4-5 people are discussing something important and you cannot reply back. The voice acting in rough for some characters, too.
The game also needs to time warn up, it starts in a situation which you may not understand fully with some characters that are supposed to be your life pals and it’s very weird because you don’t really know them.
However in the course of the game you have time to familiarize with them and it works, by the end of the game it feels like you know them and have that ‘family’-like feeling.

Great screenshots!

Can I have ‘Stores that do not matter for $200 Alex?’

Apparently Epic is A OK with competing stores if they are commonly regarded as a joke.

I actually lost my favorite one, in the Winter map, at a high point where you could see lots of ruins all over the landscape.

The game design is interesting. I would say the key part is how it tricks you. It makes you believe it’s a survival experience, always worried about ammo and health and the filter amount, etc, although in reality you have plenty of resources to reach the end, unless you are bad as hell.
But hey, the important part is that it tricks you successfully, so I can’t be mad. It’s like how some famous game designer said that a good AI was more about how it tricked you in thinking how good it was, not in how good it was in reality.

I think I played for 29 hours*, hard difficulty, exploration heavy style, good ending achieved.
*: Oh, I forgot to comment about a notable flaw. God the load times are SLOW, for a 2019 game.

Is there a way to get the original Russian voice acting? I couldn’t find it in the Xbox Game Pass PC version.

On steam yes, I played in russian with czech subtitles. I tried english but it is (Anna specifically) horrible. Russian is fantastic.
No idea about gamepass though. But on Steam version I just chose the language in the game options.

Thanks, the game pass version also has it, but it’s only available from the main menu options and not from the in-game options.