Metro Exodus may ruin the bullet economy

Finally started playing. The moscow was kinda…ok, not great, but now in Volga I am getting that STALKER vibe and liking it much more. Raytracing is amazing too, the difference it makes to interiors with outside light is immense. The atmosphere is on point. If only they gave Artyom a voice (and let us choose what to say)…

RTX off

RTX on

When playing and directly comparing one after the other, it becomes really apparent how fake the normal lighting is.

Does it also support HDR?

I think so, but I am playing on panasonic plasma that does not support it, so didn’t test it myself.

Paul, as great as those screens look I do wonder if the overall darker picture gets in the way of playing the game? This used to be a huge obstacle for me in my modding pursuit of realistic lighting in Skyrim. I got nights and interiors that were super dark so I had to carry a torch with me - great and all, but AI was still hardcoded to default visibility settings so I eventually gave up in the idea.

That is why I do not like mods that make nights super dark. It only blinds the player, not the NPCs.

Given how blind are npcs in some games, I would say it is’t a big issue!

Ranger update!

I finished the game yesterday and it is my favourite Metro, the open STALKER-like areas were my jam, although the linear sections were great too. It still has quite a few flaws (I was annoyed by mute Artyom and by his occasional getting stuck in geometry) but still it is one of my favourite games this generation.

I found this to be a non-issue, when in dark, I used flashlight or nightvision goggles. The difference in RTX is extremely noticeable in the desert Caspian Sea map which is full of sun-illuminated interiors like shipwrecks and such. Looks so much better there.

That sounds great, shame it wasn’t all part of the game at launch. But nice to see them supporting it.

Yep this makes the publisher look good.

“If you have been affected we strongly recommend you contact the seller who sold you the unlicensed key and demand a refund,” Deep Silver say.

That’s the risk though of buying from 3rd party sites that aren’t authorized resellers.

I think most people will still be fine. Any time I used CDkeys, for example, and their code didn’t work, I contacted them for a refund and they’ve given it to me each time.

Don’t understand why they aren’t recovering their losses from the factory which allowed the keys to be stolen, rather than consumers who bought in good faith. Guess it’s just easier to shit on the end user.

Why not do both?

Maybe they are.

And boom there it is, Epic keys for this are now on the Humble Store.

$40 after discount and cash back. Epic or Humble Store or someone is not making much profit.


Wait, why you have that cash back? I don’t :(.

I checked, and it is gone now, must have been a limited time thing.

That’s just a .jpg from 20 days ago, I’m sure the deal expired since.

Yes I know, But I’ve seen people talking of the cash back thing in HB a few times before and I’ve never seen it, I was wondering if it just limited by region (only USA?)

DLC news:

Game is headed to the Windows Store!