Metro Exodus may ruin the bullet economy


Features like pre-loading are just for suckers who drank too much Steam Kool-aid.


Well after all that, the game looks like it will be merely decent.

Some good, some bad. It’s not going to change the world. I’m content to wait for a while.


So its not 4A’s Witcher 3 moment. Interesting to see.



We did indeed encounter enemies suspended in mid-air, alongside glitches that caused us to fall through the world, a framerate that frequently takes a nose dive during heavy combat sequences, and a complete system crash that took us back to the PS4 home screen. It’s possible these issues could eventually be fixed via patches, but we can’t ignore the impact they had on our 15 hour playthrough.

What is going to need some serious attention post-launch though are the load times, which put bluntly, are utterly atrocious on the PS4 Pro. While no loading is done once you’re out in the open, the initial load screen for each area can last up to four minutes

Thankfully most of the audience will be waiting a year and will benefit from patches.


The actual reviews indicate strongly the reviewers had a lot of fun with the game and the gameplay. The negatives seem to be mostly these:

1 - Technical issues, especially on consoles where performance and load times were a big factor in the review scores.

2 - Technical issues with crashes, even on consoles (but also PC).
2a - Not in a review, but I also read that EPIC hides the INI files so you can’t do any tweaking, extra PITA for those with Ultrawide displays.

3 - Some complaints that more wasn’t done with the story telling because of the silent protagonist. Which… I mean, story elements have never been a big draw for me in games like this, but even so the reviewers seem to like the story, they just think that it could have done more with such an atmosphere drenched world.

Largely, the stuff you want to work does - the open world works and feels great, as does the gun play. The horror and survival elements are on point, all the important stuff. And it’s scoring in the low 80’s, which shouldn’t be “merely decent” but I guess is to a lot of gamers.


I’m going with the “other” Feb. 15 release, the post-apocalyptic Far Cry 5 thingamajig. This one is on my deep backburner for next year maybe.


My main concern is the quote in the PCGamer review - subar FPS combat and not much interactivity with the world beyond just shooting things. Overall it reads like the game is an open world version of the prequels with many of the same positives and negatives.


I do wish 4A would drop the idiotic mute moron shtick and introduce more RPGish elements like, gasp an actual dialogue with other characters, at least STALKER-style.


Reading a few reviews, I have the impression they have put more dialogue, more scripted scenes, more effort into doing something with the characters and plot than the previous games… but except a few small scenes here and there, it happens to be more of a flaw than a virtue, as they aren’t good enough. That, and the technical issues (which aren’t universal, some reviews mention them specifically, and others say it was a smooth sailing) seem to be the problems.


I wonder if that’s a ‘lost in translation’ problem. I never tried playing Metro games in Russian since I don’t understand it but the english voice overs and writing are horrendous, like the game is trying to parody itself and ends up falling flat on its face instead.


The first Metro 2033 had this too though, and I didn’t mind much. (Did the second game improve it?)


No. Now that both games are Redux they are more or less identical in how they play.


Interesting. I just got a message that my Aurora Edition is ready for a pickup at local game store.
Where I canceled the order.
And got my money back.


Be interesting to see what happens on the Humble store page for this game in the next 24 hours.

Did they order a ton of steam keys up front?

I mean if they have a couple extra thousand steam keys, I am doubting they are going to want to sit on them for a year.


Any word on unlock times?

I guess not that it matters, I’ll be at work all day. Still, would like to kick off the download over the lunch break, perhaps.


We are pleased to confirm that Steam pre-load is now live for Metro Exodus!

PC Steam Launch Unlock Times

Worldwide - Game will unlock at one fixed time - 00.00 EST on Friday, February 15th - that translates as :

US (West Coast) - 21.00 PST, Thursday 14th Feb
UK - 05.00 GMT, Friday 15th Feb
Europe - 06.00 CET, Friday 15th Feb
Russia - 08.00 MSK, Friday 15th Feb
Australia - 13.00 AWST, Friday 15th Feb
New Zealand - 18.00 NZDT, Friday 15th Feb


Sorry, I wasn’t lucky enough to get in on the Steam pre-order, so I was asking about the EPIC unlock. It’s my first pre-order there, and I’m not sure when there games unlock. Same time as Steam, maybe?


Oh sorry, I misunderstood. Yes, I believe it’s going live on both platforms when that countdown expires.


Installing on my PC now from the Epic store…


Decrypted on steam, start the game, it shows splash screen, switches into windows and freezes.
Kill the process, start the game again, see intro, get ingame, game freezes in first cutscene and forces me to do hard reset.
Restart, lower GPU overclock, start the game for the third time, skip intro, and finally game runs well (60fps stable) and without crashes.
But…controller sensitivity is fucked up. Vertical is twice lower than horizontal and even at max, it is too low.
So I hope I will be able to change this in some ini files. Or I buy new monitor and play on mouse. Meh.