Metroid: Samus Returns Ͼ⁞ @: Ͼ⁞ @: <--They're Metroids. That's why Samus is back.


Metroid is actually the name of the player character. It’s just like Zelda in that respect.


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I lol’d. Like a lot. Seriously.


Tim forgot Halo, though. He’s a pretty cool guy.


And he doesn’t afraid of anything.


Wait… Samus’s name isn’t Metroid?


That depends on your fanfiction universe.


Samus is her last name. Metroid Samus, nèe Prime.


Do that, Fusion was great. Zero Mission too.

You mother…


Yes, Fusion and Zero Mission are peak Metroid in my opinion. Better even than Super Metroid.


I have this. Haven’t had time to start it yet. Probably won’t til Sunday. Looking forward to it, though!


I’d like to hear some impressions. Not that it’s going to change my purchasing decision, just want to find out what people are thinking.


It’s 2D Metroid. It’s great.


It’s so unbelievably good. I expected it to be a nice remake of an under appreciated Gameboy game, but it turns out it’s one of the most expansive 2D metroid games ever, with a bunch of new and refreshing ideas, and some really satisfying boss fights. There are only a few minor ways in which this feels like a remake instead of a brand new modern Metroid game.

My only knock on the game is that the progression from zone to zone is linear - you never get something in zone 5 and need to use it in zone 2 to progress further in the game, as an example. There are minor powerups like more missiles or whatever in earlier zones, but nothing completely blocking progression.

But each zone itself is absolutely massive, and there is a ton of exploration required within those zones to go back to earlier areas you previously couldn’t access once you get new powerups.


Aaaand I’m out. Loved the game. It’s my first Metroid but now there’s this Omega Metroid which I can’t beat. Maybe I’m too soft for this kind of game but I don’t have the patience for these difficulty spikes. It’s a shame because I really liked it so far.


I was really excited for this, but I just recently remembered I hated using the circle-pad to move around in Majora’s Mask and for camera controls in Xenoblade. I don’t know if I could play another game where I control my character with that thing. Ugh. Also I had to use it for Dragon Quest VIII recently, and even though I did complete that game I never got “used to” that stick.


For me it’s not so much the controls. It’s rather that I don’t have the ability to jump and dodge as smoothly as I need to. I shoot dozens of rockets and have no idea how many it’s going to take. Well, I got 20 hours out of the game, but still it’s unsatisfying to leave it now unfinished. I read about the robot boss that you have to take down and I know that this is too difficult for me.


The bosses are difficult but I found them to be pretty straightforward once you learned the patterns. The robot boss especially was a ton of fun IMO.


This is really good, although I feel bad when I play it because I basically ignore the backgrounds entirely, until I occasionally see something moving there and then pause to appreciate the artwork.

I had some hesitation about using the circle pad for navigation. For the first half an hour or so I had to actively fight the instinct to use the d-pad. I powered through that though, and now I think that the circle pad works just fine.

This feels like a master class in how to do player empowerment though. I just cleared area 4 (?), where you can get several power-ups in close succession to one another, and by the end of it, you’re just chewing through enemies like nothing. It’s incredibly satisfying. I think part of the key there is that it’s been a very long time since I’ve played a Metroid game, so the power-ups, while not a surprise per se, feel at least a little unexpected when I get them. I’ve also forgotten how over-powered you get by the end of the game, so it feels particularly satisfying.

If I have one complaint, it’s that the Metroid battles aren’t quite as varied as they could be, and sometimes just feel like a test of patience for them to do a counter-able attack.

But yeah, really enjoying it.


Have had this for a few months and was out sick today from work so had some time to check it out. Wow, it’s fantastic so far! What a beautiful looking game, the animations are pretty slick. I don’t think I’ve seen this level of detail on a 3DS game, from the lighting effects to the way flames shoot of of the doors leading to lava zones, the ambient sound effects. And love the artistic cohesion between it and previous games. And the music is great, including some remixed classic Metroid tunes.

Only played for an hour so the sheen will likely wear off and I will see the warts but loving it so far. Hope we don’t have to wait another 15 years for another 2D entry.