MGS4 rumors

this article:

is reporting that Metal Gear 4 will be a Nintendo exclusive! Whoa, can this be true!?

MEGATON!!!1 ;)

I doubt that is true, but if it is, it will almost certainly be one of those temporary exclusives that Microsoft is always buying, where they are the only one to have it for a few months before it gets ported.

Just out of curiosity, am I the only one who doesn’t really like the MGS series? I just don’t get the hype at all. I find it hard to control and a bit too puzzly for my tastes. I have to admit the graphics are always top-notch, but I just can’t get into the games.

Err, did MGS 3 get released and I not see it?

As much as I’d like to believe this one (I’m the guy on this board who liked MGS2), it doesn’t seem very likely. The rumor’s been going around for a few days now, and basically comes from a French magazine article quoting Miyamoto about MGS4 as an exclusive for the Cube. More on that.

Anyway, Konami is going to be showing some kind of MGS game for the Cube at E3, and while an exclusive new one would be cool, I’d be really happy with a Resident Evil style remake of MGS.

I really enjoyed the first MGS on PS1. It was groundbreaking in so many ways, not the least of all visually, but even in the use of vibration. I just loved seeing how they used their old-school skills to allow them to do things on the machine that no one else had even thought of. It raised the bar for the remainder of the platform’s life.

The PS2 game was underwhelming. I’m always disappointed when I discover that the elements that I personally liked the least were obviously what the creator had intended to feature all along. In the case of Sons of Liberty we ended up getting a lot more of the nonsensical blather that occasionally tipped the first one into some kind of bizarre soap opera universe.

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Yeah, I agree. MGS1 was an awesome game. One thing I really loved about it was how it made you feel like you were living in the world you only pretended to be in while playing the 2d version. It’s a magical feeling really, limited to only a few titles. Zelda 64 is probably my other favorite example. In any case, it is too bad that many “PSX generation” gamers will never understand the real significance of these 3d sequels.