Mid Range Android Phone - Looking for Suggestions

Hi Everyone,

My contract with Sprint is about to end, and I think it’s time for me to buy my phones off contract. I’m moving from Sprint Unlimited Plan to an AT&T family plan, were I can expect to get around 3 gbs per month (the others are not heavy users). So, I’m looking for a phone that I can use with AT&T that won’t break the bank.

My wife is already on the family plan but she has been rocking the Galaxy S3 for so long that I think I want to upgrade her as well.

Right now, I’m looking for large screen phones for both of us (she uses hers for everything). I am looking for long battery life, because I have a long commute and the car charger is broken. For my wife I’m looking for something with a good camera since we have a 21 month old that needs to be photographed. The 2 phones that are most interesting to me the 2014 nexus 6 - Ebay has it for 300.00, and the Zenphone 2 from Asus. I’m nervous because I often take interesting over usability. I once got the kyocera echo, which was cool, but not great.

I’m looking to spend under $700.00 on the 2 phones together.

I really appreciate any tips or links or thoughts on this.

The OnePlus phones are pretty amazing value. If you can wait a few weeks they’re launching a new handset.

Too bad my Moto X 2014 doesn’t fulfill your battery and camera requirements, as I’m looking to sell mine once I get the Nexus 6P.

2014 Nexus 6 battery life and camera aren’t great either.

Looks like you’re buying off-contract? AT&T Next/Contract could work in making something like the Galaxy Note 5 work, but off-contract that phone is up there with iPhone off-contract prices.

Obligatory Wirecutter link leaning toward Samsung Galaxy phones here.

I can confirm that, while I love my 2014 Nexus 6, battery life isn’t great (esp. recently). Waiting to see if Marshmallow helps with that at all.

I was actually looking at the Zenfone 2 for my wife – it looks like a pretty amazing phone.

I’m thinking of getting the Xiaomi Mi4C. It’s “only” $275US-ish for flagship specs.

The main thing stopping me from getting a Xiaomi phone is that they tend to not support my carrier’s LTE band according to WillMyPhoneWork.

Yeah, it’d be only 3G in Canada for me as well. That’s good enough though.

There are quite a few recent phones aiming for this market. I’ve also heard solid things about the Blu Pure XL and the Moto X Pure.

I have the 3rd generation Moto G and I’m happy with it. The battery life seems pretty good. I can go more than a day and a half before I need to recharge it, compared to less than a day on my old phone. The camera uses the same sensor as the 2014 Nexus 6 according to reviews. I haven’t taken many pictures so I can’t vouch for the quality. The screen is 5’’ and the phone is pretty comfortable to hold. There isn’t bloatware installed and the Moto software included such as Moto Display is pretty handy. I recommend getting the 16gb version because it has 2gb of ram. It runs very smooth. I don’t have any kind of lag on it. It costs $220 dollars. You can order it with an option of colors from Motorola’s website or Amazon has the black and white versions.

Thanks for all the information guys. The battery problem can be mitigated, since I have a 10,000 mA battery to use. I will take a closer look at moto. I hear everything but E will get an update.

Does AT&T still offer 100 credit if you add a line?

So, HTC One M9 was announced recently and people are posting pretty good first impressions. The camera is supposed to be excellent and if the price is right, I think this is the phone for my wife.

A9 you mean?

I can’t think of any reason to get the A9 over the 6P, unless you hate the 6P’s rear chin. Which I do, but everybody says it’s less awful in person.

You are right though, I meant the A9.

It does supports a 2 terabyte Micro SD Card, and only 5 inches, which for some people is a plus. Also, its 100 dollars less than the 6p, so comparing the two seems off. It would be better to compare to the 5x.

I love my M8, but it is two years old. I think that is something like ten in phone years.

Yeah, my N5 is almost exactly two years old and it’s limping to the finish line (tomorrow!). Mic dead, speakers dead, face sensor dead so it doesn’t turn the screen back on during a call, battery life a joke, screen cracked to fuck…this poor thing is just sad.

Yeah I love my N5 but I also just had my mic die. I think it also took the infra sensor which shut off the screen during calls die too. :(

Did fix the mic (intermittently) with this hack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Af5DvIZwSss but it stopped my vibration from working.

I’ll be getting a new phone soon. That 6P looks nice. :)

My 5X arrived today! It’s delightful.

Camera is seriously night and day between this and the N5, even with the patches that improved the latter quite noticeably.

Screen’s gorgeous. Love the fingerprint unlock. Love the USB-C port (really snaps in there, which is nice after the often flimsy micro USB we’re all used to). Love the black-and-white low-power display for when a notification comes in or I pick up the phone. Obviously it’s fast and smooth as hell.

isn’t it hard to unlock on the back sight unseen?

Nah. There’s a little ridge you can feel for, plus it’s in a really natural spot for your index finger to fall when holding the phone normally.