Middle of War: Earth Shadow - aka Batman Mordor Knight 2


Everything goes back to the music. I would argue Ungoliant actually IS among the Ainur who took the form of a giant spider in Arda, so effectively a Maia even if never made explicit. During the music of the Ainur, Melkor’s discord brought many Ainur to his side. This is simply one of many. Sauron is just the most noteworthy.

But there is no basis whatsoever that offspring of Maia inherent their parental powers, be it Shelob, literally all the spiders of Mirkwood, or Luthien. We are also dealing with a time difference of several thousand years. The only maia in Middle-earth during the 3rd Age are the Istari, some Balrog who escaped the War of Wrath, and Sauron. (arguably Tom Bombadil) and none of them can change form. NONE! (arguably Tom Bomadil can)

So essentially you are promoting spiders to full maiar status complete with shape-shifting powers, something even Sauron cannot do. (any more)

As an aside, there are numerous versions of Professor Tolkien’s earlier works and while he never settled to finish The Silmarillion to his satisfaction in his life time, it would be useless to argue against the version we got. Many books in the Tolkien Legendarium are decidedly not canonical. I only say this because some things you mentioned are actually spelled out in the text. Orcs are clearly Melkor’s mockery of the first Children of Iluvatar. Elves. Melkor found them first and corrupted some of them. This is significant because it is specifically said to be the most harmful act of Melkor towards Eru. There are gaps and not everything is fully explained but this is what makes talking about it so interesting.

P.S. Tom Bombadil is an enigma. An intentional one.
P.P.S. The Entwives probably died during Sauron’s scorched earth policies during the War of the Last Alliance but your guess is as good as mine.


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So basically you need to make 3 or 4 assumptions about stuff never actually address by Tolkien to “prove” Shelob can’t shapeshift (or spin illusions either, apparently)? Yeah, that’s my point. You’re free to disagree with their reasoning and justification, but that’s not the same as them being wrong as they have both a story reason to have Shelob to appear as a human and a foundation in the lore for the additional ability.

For the record the cutscenes depict Shelob’s human form materializing out of thin air and warping around the room which implies that it is in fact an illusion rather than straight up shape-shifting.


In the game (some lore piece you can find on the first map) she describes both her human “temptress” and spider forms as masks to cover her true form. That works well enough for me.


Well the game is free to make up any amount of lore to justify totally changing Shelob into something she never was replete with whatever fanfic story they’ve come up with for her…but actually saying it can be supported by the written material is too ridiculous of a stretch to even consider.

For those wondering, Shelob is a spawn of Ungoliant who lives in Cirith Ungol whose most shared trait with her mother besides being a giant spider is her chronic hunger. She is independent of Sauron but Sauron sort of likens her to a pet guard dog keeping watch over one of the entrances into Mordor. She also bred the Spiders of Mirkwood.

For the record I never really needed to ‘prove’ anything. I just like talking about this stuff even if I loath the games that make a complete mess of it.


I don’t think people believed Shelob was going to be a super sexified objectifed woman and were complaining for that, but still, you have to admit it’s pretty eyerolling to take a giant spider, and transform it in a… let’s say beautiful lady in the game. I think it was done by the lack of named enemies in the lore. You have Sauron, and uh… that’s it? The only powerful enemy that is found in the books and also could speak was in fact, Shelob.

In any case, nor Shelob transformation nor lootboxes have affected the game. It’s a total success with 400K copies sold only on PC.


Endless Shadow War feature was announced last night in a Twitch stream by the devs.

It will be a free update that will arrive sometime around when the Slaughter Tribe DLC is released. No official date yet.


I am fascinated by Tolkien lore discussions. They are a lot like Lovecraft ones in that they sound so interesting, but every time I go to the actual source material, I feel a bit let down in comparison to the distilled lore from fans.


Finally got around to launching this.

The story is so laughable, I’m a bit concerned for anyone whose jimmies are rustled by it.

I mean, you guys. YOU GUYS.

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One thing I dislike about the game is that it relies way too much on tutorial like pop up messages during frantic gameplay. I didn’t play any significant amount of Mordor, Batman, or Assassins Creed to know the combat or movement systems. The game seems to assume right from the go that I know them and rarely pauses to tell me important information nor keeps it (that I have found) in a log.

Anyway, can someone help me understand the axe guys that parry frontal attacks? There is a prompt that I should stun them with a circle icon (PS4). If I hold down circle it does the drain animation, but someone inevitably hits me out of it. Do I need some unlocked skill to “stun” with a circle tap? Or am I doing it wrong?

Also, what “advances time” (the boxes under missions)? It seems to move for sure if I die, but it also seems to advance (but not always) on a successful mission. What if anything are the consequences of missing a mission due to time advancing? In the case of vendettas it seems like lost loot opportunity, but what about the ones that say something about do X in time or the city will fall? The city never seems to fall.



You eventually can make your stun freeze them. I also think that you can dodge over them.


This narrative makes me nostalgic for Earthworm Jim.


I mean, for God’s sake. This isn’t rocket surgery.

-act 1-

“Holy shit, there are so many orcs!”

“Fuck me, won’t someone help us murder all these orcs?!”

-act 2-

“Ah fuck, there are a bunch of Uruk-Hai! Shit! Someone help us! With murder!”

“The tower is lost! And Gondor with it, if not for this magical murderer decapitating Sauron’s army!”

-act 3-

“Goddamn, some mysterious person sure did murder a fuckload of orcs. Thank goodness!”

“Oh fuck, super orcs and a Nazgul! Save us murder angel, you’re our only hope!”



I guess that is my question, what is a “stun”? Is there a different input than holding circle until the bars fill (like you soon worms for Intel)? Is this using some weakness that will “daze” them?


It is the same thing i believe. I think they just say to do that because they counter attacks made from the front.


Way to ruin the story for us, you a-hole!


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So if I run into a captain that is an axe guy before I have the freeze powers unlocked, I best run away or use something fancy (barrels, cargor, etc) since I can’t really hit him much besides a few strikes after jumping over him?


Act 1: orcs, kill them!
Act 2: orcs, kill them!
Act 3: orcs, kill them!
Act ∞: orcs, kill them!


You don’t need to freeze him, (B) (on xbox controller) will stun him before you unlock freeze, this allows attacks.