Millennia: Paradox announces yet another Civ contender

Yeah I adjusted the title a few hours ago. It actually don’t seem that different from the last attempts to ape this formula, at least that’s my first impression.

I really, really would like for someone to a Civilization type of game, but slightly more ‘realistic’, more Paradoxian?, in how depicts society evolution, kingdom formation, etc. Like, actually hiring historians and anthropologists as consultants. I think it can be done, and without even having to substantially increase the complexity of the game by a lot.

Civ Revolutions is my preferred flavor of Civ, so this might end up being too heavy for me (since when has Paradox done a “lite” anything?). But I am excited for someone to take a different tack on the genre.

Intrigued by this, but going to keep hopes low, as it’s rare for a new IP to be good in this genre. So many things have to go right.

Old World-level games are like a once a decade thing.

Domain powers sound like quite the grab bag of magic powers and may be hard for me to adjust to given that I still don’t like the heroes added to Civ 6. OTOH I think I will like the production chains, and it’s interesting that the first player to advance to a new age picks what it will be for everyone.

Systems and systems and systems. If they fit together well, this could be great. But if they don’t…

One key question is how the impact on other civs ages work. It seemed a bit murky, at least in the PartyElite video. But I am thinking that that will have an enormous impact on how the game feels to play.

Devs talking about the deign goals of the game:

I like what I saw/heard! I’m looking forward to this one.

Yeah, I hope the production chains work out. Could end up being the most distinguishing feature.

Also, not really a great thread for this I don’t think, but it looks like Paradox will be announcing yet another game on Monday. Unclear if it’s Paradox Dev or Paradox Publishing. Probably about time for a new Paradox developed game to be announced as it’s been over a year since Vicky 3 launched and nothing else is publicly in the pipe for any of their dev studios. The teaser image is just a tropical forest of some kind which isn’t what I’d expect for new entry in any of their main GSG series.

Interesting. Dan Lind (HOI series) started working on an unannounced project a year or two ago so I’m curious if the new title is what he’s been working on or if it’s something else.

Probably not, as this isn’t developed by Paradox, just published by them.

I was referring referring to the game to be announced on Monday (abrandt’s post above). Has it been confirmed to be Paradox Interactive (rather than PDS) as well?

They’d have created a lot more buzz if it was a PDS game, IMO.

How do you get more buzz prior to an announcement other than teasing the announcement? :)

EDIT: Could save it for the next PDXCon, now that I think about it?

Multiple teasers of a big announcement coming, with media speculation going on for a while. I didn’t even knew anything until it was just mentioned.

Ah, I missed that! Apologies.

I guess I can just post the YouTube page for it. No hints that I can see. It does seem like a new GSG would get teasers and things to build hype, but I don’t really remember Vicky 3 getting anything like that. It did get announced at PDXCon( a virtual one in 2021, right?), though. But it also looks like they aren’t having one this year.

Not a strategy game. Looks like Satisfactory meets Minecraft? If it’s done well that could be a neat take.

That actually looks like fun.

to me this sounds a bit like the cultures mechanic of Humankind, as in mix and match. Here an age = a research or tech tree if I understand things correctly, with spirits being a sub tech tree.

The difference here is that I’m pretty sure everyone participates in the same age. First player to hit the conditions for the next age is the decider on what the next age is. So I think mechanics-wise it can be a little more impactful than a culture in Humankind.