Millennia: Paradox announces yet another Civ contender

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Just a quick clarification: this is being published by Paradox Interactive but developed by C Prompt Games. Steam says they have one game under their belt (that I’ve never heard of) which has positive reviews:

I thought this sounded cool:

Also, sounds like there’s some scifi or other elements? They mention Age of Aether, Age of Rogue AI, etc.

I’m definitely interested. The last two Firaxis Civ games have been pretty bad in my personal opinion, so I’m happy to see others take a shot at it.

Count me in as hopeful.

“Millennia”. Two 'n’s.

The subject line on the email blast from Paradox about the game also misspelled it.

My mum was a primary (i.e. grade school) teacher 23 years ago and her headmaster had commemorative coins minted for all the students. He handed a sample around the staff meeting and it went all the way around until my mum pointed out that there should be another n in millennium.

She was perhaps not the most popular person in that meeting. They did get remade though; not sure at whose expense.

Oh awesome! That’s the studio of Rob Fermier, former Looking Glass and Irrational Games programmer. Heretic Operative didn’t look like quite my kind of game, but I’m glad they got a deal to make more strategy games!

Maybe the misspelling is intentional, for potential “cool” or ease of trademarking the title. Like Rockstar’s L.A. Noire.

The announcement post on the Paradox Forums has more information and a couple of screenshots. It does clarify that the fantastic sounding ages are still supposed to be pretty grounded and alt-history rather than fantasy. So the Age of Aether is one where steam power develops further due to the lack of invention of the internal combustion engine.

I assume then with the Age of Rogue AI that it finishes in a near future setting, which has never been to the detriment of a 4X.

Regardless, I’m interested to see how this turns out. The whole ages mechanic seems like it touches on some of what my design for a fresh take on the 4X genre uses.

I bought it Day 1 (or close to it). Despite having played it for only 6 hours, I like it, but it’s a tough game to win (that’s a plus, IMO!).

Oh also, I’m thrilled for this era of a historical 4X competition to Civ! Hoping it can really refresh the whole 4X genre.

Some preview build impressions:

Well, it’s certainly a game.

Here are the highlights from the dev diary. Looking at the screenshots - I thought the UI looked a LOT like Old World…

There are ten Ages in a “normal” game, ranging from the Stone Age to the near-future. Each Age provides the experience of the Age – the Iron Age has Iron Age technologies, Iron Age units, Iron Age buildings, and rules specific to the conditions of the Iron Age.

If you keep things within “normal” parameters, you might progress through 10 “standard” Ages, each delivering historical gameplay.

However, Millennia allows history to go off the rails. If you make some different decisions, you might steer your timeline into alternate Ages. These Ages are still historically themed, but explore some “what-if” territory. The Age of Aether is based on a history where the internal combustion engine doesn’t come about as soon as it did and steam-power develops further. The Age of Blood is based on a war raging out of control and spreading across the world.

Millennia features a system called “National Spirits.”. Mechanically, each National Spirt is a technology tree. You get to pick National Spirits from a set at different points in a game. Doing so makes the technologies of the National Spirit available to you.
Old World has a system a lot like this with separate mini trees available for government/civic characteristics you choose.

Not all resources in Millennia are the same. Cutting down trees for Logs can provide Production, much like mining Copper. However, with the right Improvements, you can create a chain where your Logs are made into Paper which is then made into Books, getting you Knowledge (or Religion or Government or Wealth) instead of Production.

The best military for you to field changes based on your economic design (and the Age you have moved into and the National Spirits you have selected). You might be better with more Production to train troops, or more Warfare Domain to support them, or more Wealth to pay the upkeep on expensive elite troops or…You design your Armies by assigning multiple Units to fight together, allowing you to create different Army types for different needs.

in two weeks, we’ll talk about the building blocks of your nation, Regions, Towns, and Outposts, and also cover a bit of the World Map itself.

Civ done the Paradox style? Intrigued.

PartyElite has played the game too and he gives a deep dive on some of the existing mechanics:

I’m always up for another try at a Civ-like game. After I spent just an ungodly amount of hours on Civ2, I really thought that was it, lightning in a bottle, never to be hit like that again, but then someone showed me Master of Orion 2, which was unique enough and different enough from Civ2 to be lightning in a bottle all over again. So after that I was always open to another game that will be unique but similar and capture that kind of 4X energy again for me.

No, pretty standard turn-based 4X setup. As noted, this is just being published by Paradox.

But I’d love a Paradox GSG that went in this direction. Maybe something inspired by the Rhye’s and Fall mod for Civ4.