Milton Friedman's grandson wants to make BioShock a reality

Milton Friedman’s grandson Patri has a vision that might have made the economist proud: to build a floating libertarian nation 12 miles off the coast of California.

Billed as “Burning Man meets Silicon Valley meets the water,” the planned nation flotilla would be constructed on a variety of barges and water platforms within sight of San Francisco. It would include everything from homes, schools and hospitals to bikes for transportation and aqua farms for food.

Despite the widespread skepticism that the project is bound to invite, Friedman already has secured more than $2 million in venture capital for the development, which strives to create a free-market society in which members are free to form their own governing structures.

Can this please happen? Pleeease? I’ll be loving it when they’re hitting up San Fran farmers markets for food after two weeks.

Or killing each other.

I’m relatively certain that a floating city is going to cost a little more than $2 million to construct.

I think that trade with the outside world is kind of a given. They aren’t making a bio dome.

What will they trade?

My favorite bit of commentary on the recurring libertarian fantasy of “let’s go make a state somewhere!” is Stross, but I can’t find the damn thing. Something about how setting up a state with minimal restrictions on firearms, drugs, and probably focused on international money laundering would get you invaded almost immediately.

I would suspect things like services, which don’t require extensive infrastructure support.

For instance, you could run banks… or even software development firms.

Lots of things in the global economy don’t require you to have a ton of land any more.

So they’ll be relying on our infrastructure. Got it!

I think this was the same thing, but one article mentioned medical services. So instead of flying to Taiwan to get a cheap sex change, you’d fly to this little man made city off the coast.

Medical services from a crazy, floating shantytown run by people who thumb their noses at safety regulations? SIGN ME UP!

People already fly out to other countries to do this, why would this be any different then what is already happening?

Well, they’d be buying stuff from other countries, just like we do… or how any other country in the modern world does.

Can we get Tina Turner to run it?

Let me know when they discover how to splice my DNA with the mutant genetic superpower properties of a certain sea slug.

The first time I read about this I was skimming and wondered, “why do librarians need a floating city?”

Or it could go all Snowcrash and drift around the Pacific, feeding off any nearby nation while trying to export the crazy!

Hook that thing up to an avanc and you’re in business.

The guy is backed by the founder of PayPal. Now I have TWO reasons to hate libertarians, grrrr!

Not familiar with that piece, but I greatly enjoyed Mieville’s take on the subject.

Yeah, it’s gonna get sunk or some state will claim it.