Mindustry - Tower Defense meets Factorio ?

Call me shallow but I just can’t get past the 80’s graphics on this one. My loss I guess.

Not as far as Tom is , but I just maxed out my tech tree with the resources I have, I need sand to progress so onward to the next map.

Made it to wave 60 on Desert Wastes with an SS rating, but need to go back and get yet more silicon because everything good requires scads of the stuff.

Heh heh heh.

I wasn’t interested in this game, but now maybe I am. It sure isn’t nice to look at though.

Pshaw. For me the game could fit snugly in this thread.

If you graphics naysayers can’t handle Mindustry, how are you ever going to play Gemcraft or Creeper World?


I probably won’t play either. DG still scratches the tower defense itch for me.

The graphics are exactly what they need to be - crisp and clear.

Actually I like Creeper World. It isn’t as busy on screen so it just looks cleaner, so I can handle it’s basic visuals. At least in the screenshots Mindustry looks busy and cluttered.

Compared to Creeper World? I sincerely don’t think that’s true when you see it in motion, for whatever that’s worth. I adore both games, but if anything I’d say CW has more tendency toward visual clutter.

Maybe Mindustry has some promiss for me then!

I think you would like it. :)

Reeeeeeeally like it or, hey it’s fun to get Rob to buy games? :-)

It scratches an itch somewhere on the spectrum between Creeper World 3 and Factorio. If you like those games, this is an easy recommendation - and it’s also only $6.

Why not both.gif ?

One of the things that interested me about Mindustry was how clean it looked, especially compared to Creeper World and Factorio. So to each their own!

This game is definitely next on the chopping block after I finish up Oxygen Not Included.

Was there ever a verdict of PC vs iPad from someone who has tried both?

I’ve tried both PC and Android phone. The graphics and some of the interface elements were clearly designed for a phone. That said, it’s much cleaner, snappier, and “joyous” on the PC. The precision of a mouse makes laying out conveyor systems way easier. And being able to zoom your little mech around with the keyboard is much more satisfying than the tap-to-move mechanic.

OTOH, the game costs $1 on mobile (I think it used to be free), has no IAPs, no ads, and no microtransactions, and is the only thing even remotely like it for mobile. I’ve bought it for both platforms and don’t regret it.

Yeah, I’m playing on my phone and the conveyors are driving me batty.