Minecraft finally creates its own money

It’s the paid mods model that everyone was so keen on when Valve and Bethesda tried it with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Your one stop shop for other people’s Minecraft work.

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I assume this is only for the windows 10 version? I know no one playing that one.

Win10 and mobile versions.

Yeah, it’s for the Win10/Pocket edition, which follows the same ecosystem as the console version.

If this is intended to replace all the instances of people already selling Minecraft: Pocket Edition mods outside of the game and clean up some app marketplaces, I’m all for it! Trying to find decent paid apps above the $1-3 range in Google Play or the Amazon App Store is just that much harder when you have to scroll through fifty fake copies of Guns Mod and various other popular paid MCPE mods.