Minecraft! (single player dwarf fortress)

Yeah -those are what I downloaded - its a modpack you have to download for your minecraft.

There’s an official RTX version from Microsoft. I think you have to opt into the Minecraft beta program to install it, and it replaces your standard installation. I did it a couple of years ago, ooohed and aaahhed at the lighting effects, then reverted back to normal.

The RTX “version” is out of beta and rolled into the regular Bedrock variant, so that part is easy.

You DO have to turn it on and either load pre made RTX worlds OR download RTX textures / mod packs and create an RTX world though.

Exactly - its not just something that IS part of the game - you have to either use others worlds, or download mods to use it - its kinda a hassle.

…and it doesn’t work in VR! Bedrock in VR is amazing btw. :)

Sadly, Minecraft is one of the VR games I CANT play - I get so dizzy fast, its amazing !

My XBone version of Minecraft just auto-updated when I logged in to play a few days ago. I played for a few hours before I noticed that my furnace will not smelt raw iron ore anymore.

I looked on the internet and found that this issue has happened to some people off and on for the last 10 years or so. I couldn’t find any recent postings that might have a solution to my problem. The only “solutions” I found suggested that I must be doing something wrong. Sorry, but I know how to smelt ores and am using the right materials.

Anyone have possible fixes for this? Thanks.

I fancy jumping back in and starting off in a fresh Survival world.

Anyone interested in joining/starting a new Bedrock server?

I didn’t play for about 1 month because of the afore mentioned problem with furnaces not smelting ores. They must have fixed it in another short hotfix or something, because now it works just fine. Maybe the game just wanted me to leave it alone for a bit!

I’ve never played bedrock despite sinking inordinate amounts of time playing minecraft. I’m down.

Been playing around with Bedrock v1.19.11 and downloaded all the free nvidia RTX maps from the store (there’s about 15 of them, which is very cool considering they’re all free and RTX). Some of the games look amazing (Neon District in particular) but I somehow feel they should play smoother on my rig (RTX 3070, i9). Are there any tips to getting them less jittery? (yes, I have v-sync disabled)

Think the biggest performance killer with Minecraft RTX is that block draw distance can’t be set too high / far. In case you’d knocked the settings WAY up in past (before RTX), you might want to reset the graphic options to default and then re-enable RTX and see how it goes.

When did this thread title go from (first person dwarf fortress) to (single player dwarf fortress)?

(I approve the change, fwiw.)

(I’m getting stalked)

I’ve never played Minecraft but I thought this was pretty cool :)


That is so great; I love it. This must have taken an inane amount of work.

This looks kind of fun, wonder how much it will cost?

The promo goes the other way too.

I don’t care about a silly 10 hour “campaign” but I assume you can use this dlc to create random DnD worlds to frolic around in as whatever class and that is all I need. Maybe ever.

This. I just want those pieces in my lego kit to use as I see fit. If its done right, We could see a whole slew of adventures ala Neverwinter.