Mini Metro alpha

Ok, sounds I got incredibly lucky with two interchanges then :-/ I’d actually bet it’s not fully random either, but depends on both the map and the length of the game.

On that last screenshot the orange line isn’t really carrying its weight; it’s never delivering anything, just building up a backlog. I would probably rather have extended the red line east instead,. Or at least connected the orange between a circle and a triangle, not two circles.

But even in this situation, it seems like once things started piling up on that station, you could just have moved another train to the red like temporarily. Feels like either orange or the single carriage purple could have gone away for a few trips without causing a disaster. Or even 5 seconds before the end, the blue double carriage could have gotten that city under the limit with a single load. Unlike the other screenshots, there really was just a single crisis spot.

I got further than I’ve gotten in a while.

Unfortunately when the specialized stations showed up a minute or two before this failure, like the Cross at the top, and the station that turned into a tear drop, and the station that showed up as a football shape, those caused some weird complications and congestions that weren’t there before, and I wasn’t able to make enough changes in time. Plus the weirdness on the left side with the green line, I spent too much time trying to untangle that, and it just wouldn’t take the track down without criss-crossing with itself, and that wasted too much time.

Damn it. I was doing really well this time. I just needed to switch down to the slower speed, which I forgot to do. If I had I have had time to move trains from one track to the other as needed.

Picked this up. Super cool! Until I want to delete a connection and spend a minute cursing at the UI before killing the app (mobile).

Am I just failing at understanding some UI paradigm? I always end up moving a line to some other station or doing some other goddamned thing instead of cutting a station out like I’m trying to do.

I didn’t have trouble. You just hold your thumb over the station, until it removes the connection. And it’s the same on the PC with the mouse.

Hmm, OK. I was trying to drag the connection off to break it. It made sense in my head!

You can drag it off too. Pick up the track somewhere near the station, drag it through the station, and it’ll get detached.

If anyone wants some hot leaderboard competition, I’m planning on playing the Daily Challenge every morning this week. Got position 44 (top 5%) yesterday; today is obviously not over but I’m guessing the preliminary top 10% rating will stay pretty stable throughout the day.

Today’s challenge is Paris on Extreme mode. I hadn’t played on Extreme before; it’s the one where you can’t move trains, rebuild track, and the overcrowding limit for stations also appears to be smaller. I didn’t think Extreme would work at all before playing; seems like you’d be totally at the mercy of the RNG. But it was surprisingly good, actually. It really forced you into a different mode of thinking, it was all about the big picture decisions, not about the disaster recovery options. “I need to connect this new station to one of these two lines. Both options suck. Which one sucks less?”

Obviously sometimes you’ll make a choice with the very limited amount of information available, and the RNG fucks you over with the very next station. But I’m assuming that in the Daily Challenge that RNG is at least the same for everyone. Would be great to have a slightly larger window into the future. For example seeing where the next two stations are going to pop, even if not what type they’ll be. That kind of mode with more information and more permanence would probably be my personal sweet spot for this game.

I gave it a shot and just barely beat Rock8man but was well behind @jsnell. I needed a bridge to come up to get to a stranded location. It’s funny how chaotic a line can end up when you can’t adjust it on the fly.

You can look up what people got on your friend’s list? They sure don’t make that easy to see.

How do you do it?

Press the little button that looks like a bar chart. It is on each tracks screen.

I’ve clicked on that before. It shows me the top 10 people on that track, and usually @pod, who is the top player on my friends list for that map. But no one else on my friends list, like you for example.

There is a people icon in the lower right corner to toggle to display your friends’ scores.

I knew I must have missed something by not playing the tutorial. Thanks Rob.

No problem. Now you should have more scores to shoot for!

I almost had it this time. 1488. I finally lost because of a station I didn’t even notice. The one three spaces from the end of the green line. It only has two extra passengers waiting, but I failed to notice it when I kept moving all 3 green trains to get rid of congestions near the other end of the line.

Damn it. I had it that time. Here was my station order:

As you can see, I was using the brown line as a utility line to get rid of overcrowding in many different situations for a while. If I’d noticed the end of the green line, I could have moved the brown line there and done the same there.

Is that the challenge where only 2 lines can connect to square stations? I just tried that one myself just now. I think I’ve tried 3 times total and failed. Not sure how close I got the other times, it was a while ago but I missed by a wide margin today. It’s definitely tough.

Yes. That’s the challenge.

The other one that I go to sometimes is Berlin. In that one you can’t put more than one train per line. That one is crazy hard too.

I just got the bugger with 1839!

I’m finding the Berlin challenge to be much harder. I must have tried 8 times and I think the best I got was about 750.

Edit: Argg I got to 953 on Berlin.

Edit: Just got Berlin, but not by much.

After the struggle in New York and Berlin, Melbourne was a nice reprieve and a walk in the park. The goal was to have at least 1 station that was connected to all lines and score 1000. I just fell short of 3000.