MLB 12 The Show: eighteen again

Title MLB 12 The Show: eighteen again
Author Seth Berkowitz
Posted in Game diaries
When March 20, 2012

I click the age option as high as it will go, just out of curiosity. It stops at forty-five. So I could create a forty-five year old rookie if I wanted to. I'm highly skeptical of what kind of future that player would have, though..

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There is only one minor league franchise in the game located in the entirety of the state of Missouri, the Springfield Cardinals, located in a metroplex in the southwest corner of the state with a population approaching 500,000.

Wait, so MLB The Show is a baseball game? Thanks for nothing, Tom.

I'm going to go home tonight, create a new RTTS player, and name him Shepard. He'll play for the Bumblefuck Missouri team (oddly enough, though, my last RTTS player got drafted into the Cardinals that triggercut mentioned below).

That screenshot is creeping me out.

That is good info. When did they relocate from Bumblefuck to Springfield?

I kid.

I like minor league teams that share their name and general uniform with the big league club. As a kid I'm sure I would have been happier to see the Binghamton Mets (Mets!) than the Buffalo Bisons (wha?).

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