MLB 16 The Show

One of my favorites, didn’t get the 15 version but plan to get this one for my PS4. Love to start as a player entering the draft, see who picks me up, and play out a career. I’ve discovered I prefer playing as a pitcher, though I really don’t like some of the achievements I have to get to progress that really don’t fit an MLB pitcher (basically hitting based goals.) I’m sorry, if I’m in AAA and pitching a 1.34 ERA, I don’t expect my manager to tell me I’m hurting my prospects because of my lack of hitting!

Anyone picked up the new version yet?

I have a copy, still sitting shrink wrapped next to my PS4…which is a testament to having company over and a heavy work schedule. (Both of which are awesome things, so no tears for me.)

Hopefully will dive in this weekend. I am excited about it, though.

This is the one game that would get me to buy a PS4. I bought a refurb PS3 a few years into its life cycle to play The Show. Unfortunately, with Sony bringing out a new PS4 soon, I don’t think the same timing will work for me this generation.

My wife bought me a PS4 last Christmas after watching me complain bitterly about a used copy of '15 on my launch model PS3. She even did so thinking that the only game I would likely get would be this one.

And yet being a frugal PC gamer who never buys anything on release, the thought of dropping $80 (go, Canada!) on a single title puts me off. Help me out, guys. Tell me how much better '16 on a PS4 is than '15 on a PS3.

Add me as a friend if you have already. jpinard on PS4 network. I have this, though stupid Sony network is down right now. In like to play Diamond Dynasty and this year you can play friends and a bunch of other stuff. I’m the “Saturn Space Frogs”

Whenever I pick up an MLB game I always regret it about a month later, as I really suck at them and I just get frustrated, especially playing as the Cubs. It’s going to be hard to resist this year though, for obvious reasons.

I get much less frustrated as a pitcher.