MLB 2023: the Year The RSNs Broke

Edwin Diaz has a torn patellar tendon. He’s going to miss the season.

They’ve got four more years of Strasburg at $35m per year. And I don’t think Stras is ever going to pitch again.

Gutted for him. What a freak injury.

It’s a blow to the Mets, but they are going to be a fun team to watch this year regardless. They just better count on building a minimum 3-run lead heading into the 9th to be safe.

That explains the ankle. Sigh. I think this is better than an ACL tear recovery wise. Trying to find something positive lol.

Giants sign Sergio Romo so he can retire with the team. I still have my Sergio Romo socks in some drawer somewhere.

Randy Arozarena is a bad man, getting his own Adam Jones 2017 moment (playing with commentary off is fine, you’re not missing anything).

Sad for Puerto Rico—they deserve to win a WBC as much as anyone can deserve to win something like this after finishing runners-up twice—but given they emerged from Pool D despite having merely the third-best roster in the group, they were sort of playing with house money at this point.

Just ran across this article on Reddit. It’s a good (and sobering) read about the artificial turf (that used to exist) in Philly.

Doesn’t hurt to be lucky.

Daniel Bard ends Altuve’s WBC.

And possibly Team USA’s, if things stand.

On the broadcast they mentioned that Bard stayed in as long as he did because they didn’t have anyone up in the bullpen in time. Strong argument to pick a manager who has previous experience next time around.

His pitching coach (Righetti) has a lot of experience though.

Or is it Petitte? That could make difference.

And I hear Altuve may have a broken thumb.

I mean…this pitch made me want to grab a bat. 86 mph, belt high, inner half. Sweet hayzoos.

Yeah, I know the victory might make some people forget, but anytime a relief pitcher has a wild pitch—especially one with Bard’s history—you might need to start warming somebody up.

Cuba bailing Waino out. He didn’t have the zone and they were still looking to swing. 1 run in that situation isn’t gonna get the job done against the US lineup.

Yep, not taking advantage wild Waino early, and now they get smoke and mirrors Waino pitching with a lead.

USA have the bases loaded, 1 out in the 3rd, leading 4-1.

5-1 after three. USA working with a VERY short bullpen today. They’ll try to get at least one more inning out of Waino here, then turn the ball over to his teammate Miles Mikolas to try to eat some more innings.

7-1 after 4 innings. The Lizard King out to pitch the 5th for Team USA.

13-2 now, after 8 1/2 innings. Turner bopped a Trea-run homer, his third of the WBC.

Team USA will get the winner of tomorrow’s Mexico vs Japan contest on Tuesday in the WBC tournament final.

Altuve needs surgery so he’s going to out a while. Certainly not anything as bad as Diaz, but ya not ideal. I’m really starting to lean towards the camp of the timing of this tournament is terrible. Any kind of injury and you are likely missing the beginning of the season if not more. Obviously even if Diaz played in December he’s still screwed, but that was a total freak injury.

That is again the kind of injury that happens pretty much every spring, WBC or not.

Juan Soto pulled an oblique over the weekend taking batting practice on one of the back fields at the Padres spring training complex. Do we cancel batting practice for that?

Yeah, while it sucks, players get injured during spring training all the time. If a pitcher blows his arm out because he threw over 100 pitches in a WBC game when he wasn’t fully stretched out or something than there would be room to complain. The Diaz injury teams could have a little gripe over since it was during a celebration on the mound, but at the same time it was a really fluky thing considering he wasn’t really jumping around that much.