Moana 2 - November 2024

I might have found the first movie I’m going to take my son to in the theater.

Holy shit.

I love the first movie, but I don’t feel it needed a sequel. I’ll keep my mind open anyway, I suppose… for now. ;)

I just hope it has more of the Kakamora.

Fingers crossed they nail the soundtrack. It slaps, goes hard, whatever the kids say. I still listen to it. Moana without that music and those songs isn’t half the movie it is with.

Moana > Frozen

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That’s my kids favorite soundtrack. We had to go back and finish the intro song after watching the teaser.

It’s being reported that this was made as a TV show but has been repurposed as a movie.

Ooh, that’s less good news. Particularly in light of Disney’s recent box office performance, they could be pivoting this to the big screen as a hail mary to shore up the 2024 box office.

Yes, this was first announced in 2020 as a Disney+ series.

Still, I’m hoping this is good. I really liked the first one.

I really love this movie. Me and my mom loves to sing along of all the song they had! Make way! Make way!

Moana makes more sense as a series anyways. Episodically hopping from island to island, having a different wacky Polynesian mythos inspired adventure on each.

I assume they took, like, some kind big-bad recurring villain/mystery arc from the show and extracted just that bit for a movie, but the conversion doesn’t fill one with confidence.

Still, Moana was the best Disney animated film since the Renaissance Era, so they have my attention.

Confirmed via official PR.

“This was originally developed as a series, but we were impressed with what we saw, and we knew it deserved a theatrical release,” he added. “The original Moana film from 2016 recently crossed 1 billion hours streamed on Disney+ and was the most streamed movie of 2023 on any platform in the U.S.”

Iger went on to say that “along with the live-action version of the original film that’s currently in development, Moana remains an incredibly popular franchise, and we can’t wait to give you more of Moana and Maui when Moana 2 comes to theaters this November.”

Best case scenario, it follows the trail blazed by Toy Story 2, which was originally planned as direct-to-video shovelware. Worst case scenario, it remains a creatively bankrupt cash-grab.

I liked Zootopia when that came out, but Zootopia Plus did nothing for me. However, Cars On The Road made the most of limited budgets to tell some fun and occasionally “visually stunning” short stories.

(I’m mixing Pixar and Disney projects here, but at this point, is there a difference?)

Well, considering recent releases by Disney, this is the most probable outcome, but maybe Disney will break that cycle…

I showed this to my daughter and she said, and I quote: “That’s it??” I had to explain to her what a teaser is and what it’s for. I’m not sure that she’s sold on the whole concept.

Moana was the best Disney movie (musical kind) in a long time. There have actually been a couple great ones since then, but man Moana was so good.

I do not have the same high hopes for a movie that was originally supposed to be a TV series.

Has a Disney (musical kind) sequel film ever been able to stand with the original?


There are a few that are not awful - I’d place Lion King 2, Frozen 2 and Fantasia 2000 in that categories, but their track record in this respect is abysmal.

The only Disney animated movie direct-to-video sequel that I’d say was really an unqualified success was Lion King 1.5.