Mobile Applications folder in my iTunes folder?

Trying to make some space on my laptop hard drive and I see a folder, under my iTunes Media folder, called Mobile Applications. It’s taking up about 32Gig. The newest date on any of the files (they are all .ipa files) is 2017.

What are these and why are they on my laptop? I never really use iTunes to sync my iPhone or iPad to my laptop. I’d like to just delete these.

Delete them. Those are old iOS applications synchronized to the machine back when iTunes even did that (it doesn’t anymore).

There’s no risk unless you explicitly need the IPA files for side loading or some other nerdly purpose,


Chances are most of those IPA’s won’t work anymore since they won’t be 64-bit. Delete!

Thanks! 32 gig back, woo hoo!

I prefer to drink my IPAs.

But yeah, what they said above

But it is very entertaining to go through them and see all the horrible apps you used years ago! And the few you missed and wish would come back. (Flight Control!)