Molyneux just goes batshit insane

Lamest game ever? I don’t think so. Imagine doing anything you wanted? Joining the military, becoming a merc. A commercial airline pilot. A ninja, a pirate. A butterfly…err, maybe not. But you get the point.[/quote]
But we can already do those things in games. Not all in the same game, sure, but if you can be both an airline pilot or a ninja in this game, I’ll buy you a copy.[/quote]

Better yet, an airline pilot by day, ninja by night!

So all the guys who work there share a single jaw?


They used to have more, but theirs seem to drop really easily.

Not until I can restore from saved games.

Actually, I have no idea why people are still paying attention to Molyneux.

I played the pen and paper version of this in an April Fool’s edition of Dragon magazine approximately 50 years ago. I think he may be leaving the “game” portion out of his career field of PC and console game software developer. Maybe this is a joke, too.

Well I like the idea.

He’s not insane, he’s just a man with a lot of dreams, that aren’t possible to implement.

Well, I refuse to join the ranks of the haters :) I didn’t think much of Black and White, but I still commend Molyneux for being one of the very few–maybe the only–developers around who still attempt to do anything original. I wish there were more like him.

I do think that, on the face of it, this sounds like a dumb idea for a game, though.

From a Project Dimitri preview dated March 14, 2007:

Lead developer Peter Molyneux was quick to point out that players would not be free to lead their lives in literally any fashion they saw fit. “Obviously there are limits to what a player can decide to do,” he explained. “It’s simply not possible to let them wander out the door, hike to the remotest corner of the Andes, and spend the rest of their days making beads and learning to juggle.” To that end, upon reaching maturity, Project Dimitri will place your virtual avatar on one of fifteen “LifePaths,” including a politician, a sports star, and even a game developer. At specified points during your “life” you will have the option of consorting with the opposite sex, including dating, marriage, and, yes, children. However, don’t expect to keep the family line going: Molyneux explained that continuing the game through the eyes of one of your children would not be included. “This is a game about living your life, not the life of someone else,” Molyneux explained.

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams”

                                    -- Willy Wonka

I wonder if one of the fifteen life paths is “unemployed MMOG freak living in mom’s basement?”

Or “strawberry picker.” How many Mexican immigrants are going to be left out of Peter’s aristocratic vision?

I hope you can be a Mercenary. Or a ninja. Or a PIRATE NINJA MERCENARY.

For their next project, they’re going to allow you - the gamer - to make your very own game.

So, with 15 choices, it’s really the sims, but it lets you type your name in?!?

From a Project Dimitri preview dated March 14, 2007:

So, what’s the over/under on Moly announcing a project where you can DO EVERYTHING THERE IS POSSIBLE TO DO EVER in his game?

My guess… Its the Sims but you can actually leave your fucking house.

I think Peter Molyneux is actually “AI” as portrayed in The Matrix. He is going to build a simulation so real that you FORGET you are playing a game and the game will become your perceived existence. This is actually a great thing because instead of living your crappy senseless life you will only think you are living it. Then, in the reality of the really real world, you will actually be safe, sound, and totally immobile swimming in your own poop mixed with a nutritious liquid diet. What is the point of this hyperrealistic reality realm?

To paraphrase Edward Norton:
“Why was Peter Molyneux building a reality simulation? In Peter we trusted…”

I’m already playing the game of my own life. If Moly can just give me a patch to add save ponts and quickloads, I’m all good, baby.

It’s interesting to me that Molyneux has this fascination with making games that get nearer and nearer to real life with every iteration. I would argue that this is the opposite of what gamers want; I already pay bills and scrub my toilet and try my damnedest to fight my slowing metabolism etc etc etc. Why do I want to spend my spare time doing that?

I’ll be the first to admit that the runaway success of the Sims judo chops my argument right in the gonads; but if I’m going to role play something, I want swords and aliens and soccer teams, not doing the dishes and going to work.

Maybe I’m just getting old.