Monitors not going to sleep? Maybe this is why:

Interesting. Haven’t had the GeForce ‘Experience’ for a while. Don’t miss it at all.

So many dumb things have kept my computer from sleeping over the years. Thankfully, I haven’t had a joystick since 1998 or so, so I’m free from this one, but that was fascinating!

Windows sleep mode is a goddamn mess due to the nightmarish number of different chipset drivers and video card drivers and other hardware factors.

My PC suddenly wakes up from sleep constantly with no one even near it.

I had tons of problems until I turned “allow wake timers” to off completely. Now it never wakes unintentionally.

You can use command “powercfg /lastwake” to show what was the last thing that caused your computer to wake up. Most of my problems with this were caused by the network card. I did what @LeeAbe did and have not had a problem since.