Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: not so Great Jaggi

Title Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: not so Great Jaggi
Author Brandon Cackowski-Schnell
Posted in Game diaries
When March 10, 2015

Day three and I'm feeling pretty good about this whole monster hunting thing. I've got some materials, I have a companion and my reputation among the village's residents is starting to grow resulting in more quests coming my way..

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Throw a paintball on him so you can see what zone he is in on your map when he runs off to sleep.

Use rations to have a longer stamina bar, and don't run until you need to, so that you have full stamina before you run into the jaggis. And zig-zag when the jaggis are after you.

Don't the early egg missions give you Dash Juice in the supply box? Use that before transporting the egg to get temporary infinite stamina.

Why are you even fighting the Great Jaggi? I find in these quests that the best course of action is to just haul ass. The GJ doesn't have a projectile attack and should be pretty easy to stay out of reach. Just stagger your running--run, don't run, run, don't run--to manage your stamina.

Also, are you still doing the Gathering Hall quests are are you working on the standard quests? The Gathering Hall is definitely tougher than what you get from the Guildmarm as they are intended for multiplayer.

Why do you restart when you nearly die or drop your egg?

Sounds like you were doing the quest from the gathering hall which is intended for 4 players and is harder in difficulty. Stay out of those quests for now if you are soloing.

"see and [sic] egg and pick it up"
"Mr[.] Jaggi"
"I’m back to where I’ve always been with this game[:] dead, frustrated and unsure"

Thing i do, and it works all the time. I kill the G. Jaggi first no matter how long it'll take me, this game is about patience as well. After i kill the G. Jaggi, i resume back to getting the eggs. I tried it more than six times expecting that i could use something out of the eggs i collected after the mission but it wasn't that significant at all.

Suggestion: Just kill the dang G. Jaggi first then back to transporting the eggs.

agreed. you don't have to fight a single thing here. dash when you can or are in danger, don't when you don't need/want to. all 4 probably only actually take like 10 minutes tops. agreed what others say about the Hall as well: i hope this was a quest given by the solo quest gal. somehow i don't feel like the game left out as many details as are being...detailed.