Monster Hunter World!!!!!


No PC release before in the West, at least. There’s Monster Hunter: Frontier G, and Monster Hunter Online.

But they’re both MMOs anyway. :P


I’m guessing that with the huge gap in player base between the Xbox and PS4 in Japan, the PS4 version is probably the one to get? I wonder how friendly it is to dropping in with randoms or whether it would be better playing with friends.


They aren’t bothering to publish the Xbox version in Japan.


However this is being made by the main MH team and the director of Tri. They’re doing a lot of stuff you might expect them to do once they were no longer severely constrained by dated portable hardware.


The sales pitch.

The latest entry in the critically acclaimed 40 million unit selling action RPG series, Monster Hunter: World introduces a living, breathing ecosystem in which players take on the role of a hunter that seeks and slays ferocious beasts in heart-pounding battles. Venture on quests alone or with up to three other hunters in a newly designed online drop-in multiplayer system which allows cross-region cooperative play between Japan and the West, uniting the global player base for the first time ever. Monster Hunter: World will also be the first game in the series with a worldwide simultaneous launch window and is planned for release on PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One in early 2018. A PC release will follow at a later date. Monster Hunter: World sees players gear up to venture on quests to battle against fearsome monsters, progressively improving their hunting abilities as they play. Loot collected from fallen foes can be used to create new equipment and armor upgrades as players seamlessly move across map areas that comprise the living ecosystems. The landscape and its diverse inhabitants play a critical role as players strategically use the surrounding environment to their advantage. Hunters must use their cunning and abilities to survive the intense and evolving fights as they battle to become the ultimate hunter!


Can’t wait! I know I’ll be putting a ton of hours into this on my PS4. Looking at the trailer I feel they’re actually adding quite a bit to the game rather than stripping it down. Here’s a video detailing some of what is known so far. It’s on the show floor, so I’m sure we’ll be getting more info over the week.


Can’t wait!

But - at the end of the trailer, he pulls out the meat and starts roasting it on the spit… but where’s the accompanying carnival music!? Dumbing-down confirmed!


I know right! I was very disappointed when that popped up at the conference and there wasn’t the correct music.


I used to have that music as my ringtone… man, that would have rounded the trailer off nicely. :)


I’m going to be sceptical until we get a good look at the combat.


Looks like a nice game to walk around and explore.


Okay, so I’ve watched the trailer, and I can’t help but agree with my playgroup: this looks like Monster Hunter with a bunch of decidedly non-MH mechanics added to try to appeal to a western audience. (Which isn’t the worst thing from a marketing standpoint, since it’s still the only audience this game is meant for - it’s highly unlikely that the Japanese MH audience, which is largely younger players that are already locked into Nintendo platforms, is going to shell out for a $400 console to play a game that’s pretty different from the rest of the series.) I mean, what the hell is that glowing tracker garbage, or that “hide in bushes to throw off the monsters three feet away that just watched you walk into the bushes” stealth nonsense? And the cinematic “run away from the monster that can’t fit into this cave” sequences? It’s a lot of junk that has no place in a Monster Hunter game.

However, the biggest problem is the grappling hook. In theory, it’s a pretty cool idea, right? Grapple around on everything, including the monsters! Except that Monster Hunter is very much about learning the different terrains you can battle in and understanding positioning against different monsters in the context of those different terrains, and a grappling hook totally defeats the purpose there. As such, it has to be incredibly limited, raising the question of why it’s even there, or hunting is just going to devolve into “grapple at all times and not worry about anything ever” (as an Insect Glaive player in MH4U, I can speak from experience on this one, because the polevaulting was exactly this dumb) or “have fun fighting in the most open field ever so you can’t grapple at all.” Because of how these games work, there’s no real in-between here where it ends up being a balanced mechanic - even a few seconds’ difference on a cooldown can be enough to make it amazing or terrible.

Also, this part isn’t entirely Capcom’s fault, but it’s not a good look when PS4/Xbone people who have never bought a Monster Hunter game in their life are laughing on Twitter at MH series fans (which is to say, the only people in the west who have bought Monster Hunter in the past forever) that are complaining that they’d have to buy a new console to even try this new game, while the most recent Monster Hunter game doesn’t even have a western release date announced yet.


Let’s all shed a tear for Nintendo handheld owners because they can’t get a MH game. Why won’t they ever make a MH game for the 3DS?


Yeah, all of that seemed really odd to me. The janky stealth stood out for sure.


Remember, a lot of these people are the same ones who whine and cry about how Nintendo should stop making consoles and put their stuff on PS4 whenever they release some cool new game like Splatoon or Xenoblade or Pokémon or Breath of the Wild or Bayonetta 2 or Mario Kart 8 or…

I truly have more sympathy for the people who would have to buy a $400 console for one $60 game in the series they’ve been playing for years than the people who would have to buy a $150 handheld for one $40 game they’ve never played before.


I mean, you get that with every big game though? Saw plenty of people complaining that they couldn’t play Horizon because they didn’t have a PS4 and Guerrilla should just bring it to PC.

Or they could buy the $200 version of said console, or probably play it on their PC – assuming the port doesn’t blow (which isn’t a given especially with Capcom) I can’t imagine the requirements are going to be high. Really don’t see how this is any different from having to buy X platform to play [other MH title]. It’s not like they’ve always been on 3DS.


The missing carnival music while roasting meat was jarring!


I have to believe they just accidentally cut off the audio to the stream early. There’s no reason to include the cooking animation without the music if they were going for the effect I assume they were going for.


There hasn’t been an ongoing campaign against Sony for the past fifteen years saying they should stop making video game consoles and make stuff for their competitors every time they release any game that looks mildly interesting but is exclusive to one of their platforms. The Nintendo hate is very special.

They already confirmed it’s in the actual game, so yeah, not having it in the trailer is very strange - @KallDrexx’s theory wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out to be true.


Never really paid any attention to this series though I understood it’s beloved by many gamers. Since it’s on Xbox maybe I’ll give it a go, but just to familiarize myself - looks kind of like Evolve with some RPG elements/loot chase? That about the long and short of it?