Monster Hunter World!!!!!


So excited for this!!! Monster Hunter is far and away my favorite franchise and I’m super excited to see a console version coming to PS4. Truthfully, I never thought it would happen after all these years. Can’t wait!


I was looking for this topic but posted to the other one hours after the video showed, probably, like I wasn’t watching E3… I’m not. I think you should change the title to Monster Hunter World because… it’s going to all three!


Is this the first Monster Hunter on PC?


Awesome. Wasn’t sure if it was exclusive.


I was told a few years ago when Tri and Wii died down and I was looking for more… that it was only in PC in Japan.


Well it’s melee combat, so I’m willing to check this out!


I’ve long been interested in Monster Hunter, though I think it would be too challenging for me. I guess what I want is sort of a MH-lite. Hoping that’s what Dauntless is.


You can’t possibly be worse at trigger points and reading monster attacks than I am. I thought I was really really bad until I started playing with my sister… she’s absolutely terrible. I used to tell her to stand over there and try not to die so we could get through the harder fights, and I know I am not good. What I didn’t like the most about MH was it didn’t scale… tried to force you to play 4 players or have a few short and be really good when what I wanted was something a little more… flexible.

I tell myself every year not to get too excited about games, but the idea of playing MH on PC totally expands my potential gaming companion options.


Appreciate your input on it. It’s definitely the sort of thing I’d prefer to play with folks I know, who can tell me what the heck I’m supposed to be doing.


We’ll see. I don’t think Capcom has a great track record on PC right… in any event, I am not above getting a PS4 to get it. A couple more wants and I’ll finally enter a modern console age again.


What’s the word on the street about this being a stripped-down, simplified experience to broaden the appeal?


Really excited for this one. I had been hoping we’d get a game in the series that wasn’t just a baby step forward from the previous, so I’m pretty pleased to see this one.


E3 trailer here:


Will definitely be into this. I tried it on the DS but the control system just didn’t work for me. PS4 though? I’m there!


Youre not the only one. The 3DS is so uncomfortable for action games, even with the circle pad pro controller addon thing. I figured I was going to have to get a Switch for MHXX, but if this is coming to PC then I may just hold out for it instead.


Wonder if this releases 6 months earlier in Japan, like usually happens with Monster Hunter?


The official PR is simultaneous worldwide release.


Excellent! Hopefully that becomes the norm.


This wouldn’t be a surprise, especially when you consider Capcom’s almost certainly going to have to make concessions somewhere for their first Monster Hunter game that has to have an actual budget and appeal to everywhere except the one country where the series does well. (After all, this is the first time they won’t be able to get away with recycling a bunch of models and textures from the PS2 games, and the first original non-handheld MH release since 2009.)


Yes. Some of its clones made it to the PC (Toukiden series, God Eater series) but no actual Monster Hunter has ever been released on the PC as far as I know.