Moonbase Commander

Anyone playing this? If you’ve been reading Penny Arcade lately, they’ve been throwing heaps of praise on it. My roommate downloaded the demo and spent all day playing it. Deeming it purchase worthy, we called up the local EB to see if they had any copies in yet, and they said the only two copies they had arrived today. We reserved both and picked them up (for $24 Cdn too, what a deal!). All I can say is that this game is a gem. Think Scorched Earth with base-building elements. Think gameplay that takes less than five minutes to learn, but lends itself to all kinds of neat strategies.

Go by this game…now. It’s so cheap, and if it sells well, it will encourage developers to make more games like this.

I’ve been waiting for this one. Didn’t realize there was a demo out, though. Oh well, I don’t really have to sleep tonight, do I?

I haven’t played the final, but the demo is really pretty fun.

“What a fun little game!”

It good enough that I shout out loud when the demo’s turn limit comes up and I haven’t finished the skirmish yet.

I wish there were a lot more games that had no more ambition than for the production value (and cost) of Moonbase Commander. Every developer and publisher is so “hit driven” that nobody wants to make “fun little games” anymore.

I suppose I should be lucky we got MBC and Bejeweled.

I picked up MBC last night. It’s a good thing I called down to the EB to reserve it, because my store only got one copy in. Anyway, I have it, and at $24.99 Canadian, it was a steal. (Even better than the $20 U.S. they want for it in the 'States, if you divide by 1.6. :))

Unfortunately, I was battling fatigue last night so I only played it for about half an hour, but yeah, what a nifty little game. I wish there was a PalmOS version so I could carry it around with me.

I decided to just play the game and go directly to skirmish mode without reading the instructions, so that it’s like a Turn-Based Stategy/Mystery. I still have no idea what I’m doing (well, OK, I have some idea), but I really like doing whatever it is. Two and a half hours till I can go home and play some more…

Damn, NOBODY around here has this game. I went to two EB’s, two EBX’s, a Best Buy and a Gamestop. The Gamestop was the last store I went to and they said they wouldn’t have it in until Wednesday.

Screw you guys, I’m going to

I can’t find it either. The folks at Babbage’s and EB just looked at me like I was an idiot when I asked about it. It will probably show up at Target or Wal-Mart first anyway.

Well, after calling BestBuy, CompUSA, Babagges, and two EB’s, I finally located my very own copy of MBC at EB #2.

I don’t know why, but the shipments of this game just seem really small. Babagges was like “Well, we might be getting 1 of these again in about a year, so call back then.”

Anyway, so far, the game is way fun. There is definitely some deep strategy going on here for such a simple seeming game. I got whupped nicely a couple times on the DeWulf missions by NiceCo.

Highly recommended so far.


Conquest Frontier Wars was another good little game that no one picked up on :(

I had a similar problem locating the game in my area (Ann Arbor, MI). I finally just gave up and ordered it from It costs the same, but I have to wait a week (or more!) for it to arrive.

I blew through the 4 demo missions and we played some skirmish but the time limit is irritating.

this is the kind of game that seems like it would benefit HUGELY from online purchase/download.

Online download is something that we really need. It’s never going to work for every title. I’m not downloading 3 CD’s worth of game no matter how great it is. The bandwidth of a minivan comes into play here.

There’s just no reason that you shouldn’t be able to download this game though.

So far, the only downloadable games I’ve seen that are worthwhile are from PopCap. That game Laser Squad Nemesis (the PBEM game from the XCom guys) seems promising though.


LSN is a great game and a phenomenal value. I recommend it to anyone. The third playable race (Spawn) just went in today, albeit in beta form (beta open to everyone who bought the game).