Moons of Madness - Funcom, Dead Space, Secret World

From Rock Pocket Games. Set in the mythology of Secret World Legends.

Coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC this October.

This was actually revealed last year by Rock Pocket as an indie game, but they partnered with Funcom to add resources and story stuff to work it in Secret World lore.

Here’s the website in case anyone is, like me, stuck at work or on their phone or both:

This looks cool. I don’t know the first thing about Secret World Legends but im totally down with anything that evokes that good ol’ Dead Space vibe.

Sounds like a walking simulator. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing. I liked Conarium.

I’m ok with that. If it turns out half as good as Soma, I’ll be happy.

Well that looked tedious.


I was hanging with it until the Samara jump scare, then I pretty much instantly lost interest.

Hmmm… that did not look too impressive. Too dark. And of course there is a “highlight everything for me” key, because gamers can’t think for themselves anymore and/or level designers can’t build levels with findable items - then again, since it is so dark, it might even be necessary.

On the other hand, you don’t really want to spoil much of interest in a “gameplay” trailer for your walking sim.

The way the “monster” was presented in the end was so cliched I had to laugh - doubt that reaction was what they were going for. You want to know how to present tentacled monsters? Watch the BG3 trailer, appropriately disgusting.
I’ve seen worse, but this really didn’t sell me the game.

Wishlisted it.

At extreme discount I will! ;)