Moonwalker coming to Virtual Console

Fuck yeah.

Good god, what a terrible post.


Ok then.

sega or arcade? :)

We don’t know yet, but considering that everything sucks it will probably just be the Megadrive/Genesis version :( I’m hoping for both.

Probably Genesis version, though they do have arcade games too so who knows?

The Mega Drive version is sooo much better than the arcade. I played it on Saturday night at some games bar, actually, and it’s still awesome.

If this comes true I can’t imagine the licensing nightmare it must have been, for such a probably-very-small reward.

I’ll laugh if MJ is replaced with Mr. Dream.

This man are sick.


That’s what I meant with my original posts. That game was complete shit.

Moonwalker? I just Beat It on an emulator.

(Totally true but I had to work the pun in)

Maybe in 1990 the world just wasn’t ready to accept a game about battle dancing. Yet.

I played through the arcade version the evening I heard he kicked the can. I always thought the game was fun, including the bizarre creepyness of the whole thing, with the kids and monkeys and all. When I first saw the arcade game as a kid I was living in a small town of 800 and it was one of like 6 arcade games in the whole town, and one of the more interesting ones, so it got a fair bit of play from the local youth.