More anti-piracy silliness and a warning for Euros

I’ve just been to the Matrix web-site, looking to see the status of the European version of the Titans of Steel patch and found that it is available, but only if you registered the game at Just Play’s website or via snail mail, despite the fact that the US patch is freely available from Matrix. If you lost/threw out the registration card when you bought the game two months ago, or don’t want to give a load of personal details to an unknown company, tough. It’s a case of back to only buying import copies of Matrix games for me, a shame really as I don’t mind paying slightly over the odds for imports of their wargames, but probably wouldn’t pay import prices for games like ToS or Massive Assault.

You could always just buy the domestic version and download whichever version doesn’t jerk you around on patches. A bit silly for you to pay more out of your own pocket for stupid stunts like this.

Just dredging this one up from the depths to point out that Matrix appear to have brought pressure on JustPlay to stop this practice. Kudos to Matrix.