Mortyr 2

Found a pretty funny interview with the lead programmer, game designer and ‘partially project manager’ (all the same person) at:

Now I can only hope that OMM is back online in time to review the game. The review of the first Mortyr was classic.

You know, a lot of gamers use the names of their favorite characters from books, or games, or comics as online handles. You picked a brand of mouthwash. I’m not sure what that means.

It means that talking about Mortyr leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Something that we are all aware of already.

And about weapons - several standard ones - knife, pistol, machine pistol, grenades and panzerfausts. At least as important is the possibility to use static guns to spread death. I do not recall any game stressing the real combat power of the feared MG-42, for example. We hope players will feel the kick here. Plus of course, lots of things to shoot down besides enemies - yes, also planes, even birds!

The downside, same boring weapons.

The upside, YOU CAN SHOOT THE BIRD(s).

Duke Nuke’m ain’t got nuthin’ on these bad mofos.

Jesus, not another game with that tired-ass panzerfaust. If I never play another game with the standard knife-pistol-panzerfaust weapon hierarchy, I’ll die happy.

But I’m reassured that the static guns will “spread death”, since the previous developer’s diaries indicated that they would spread “rainbows and butterflies”, which I thought was a questionable design decision.

I’d like to change my joke, if I may. On reflecting, it would have been funnier if I’d said “spreads bad television reception” instead of “spreads butterflies and rainbows”. Adjust your joke cards accordingly. That is all.