Most annoying commercials (or ads) of yester-year


I thought about making this thread as I poured ketchup on my hamburger today. It brought back some major PTSD I had as a kid… the Heinz ketchup commercials.

The commercial you see below was played so much it almost made a legion of children hate ketchup. For a kid just wanting to get back to his Scooby Doo cartoons and Gilligan’s Island, it was the ultimate pain. I wanted to kick the marketing guy… who I’m sure was so proud of himself for linking this song to watching a spleen ooze out of its bottle. Each time it started I’d plug my ears and shut my eyes to try to get this ad from taking over my brain like a zombie cricket fungus. Making matters worse, I looked identical to the kid in this commercial.



Tab was the toilet water of the soda world. That stuff was horrid.




As a Chinese person whose dad owned a laundry and dry cleaner (and to make thing complete, my wife’s family ran a Chinese restaurant), the Calgon commercial was really annoying. What self-respecting laundry business would operate with a low capacity top load household washer?


Old Navy commercials in the 1990s were so soul-scarring I have never set foot in an Old Navy and never will. And no, I am not going to subject myself to them to come up with a Youtube example.


BTW I like TAB. Fight me. I like Fresca too.