Most annoying commercials (or ads) of yester-year


I thought about making this thread as I poured ketchup on my hamburger today. It brought back some major PTSD I had as a kid… the Heinz ketchup commercials.

The commercial you see below was played so much it almost made a legion of children hate ketchup. For a kid just wanting to get back to his Scooby Doo cartoons and Gilligan’s Island, it was the ultimate pain. I wanted to kick the marketing guy… who I’m sure was so proud of himself for linking this song to watching a spleen ooze out of its bottle. Each time it started I’d plug my ears and shut my eyes to try to get this ad from taking over my brain like a zombie cricket fungus. Making matters worse, I looked identical to the kid in this commercial.

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Tab was the toilet water of the soda world. That stuff was horrid.




As a Chinese person whose dad owned a laundry and dry cleaner (and to make thing complete, my wife’s family ran a Chinese restaurant), the Calgon commercial was really annoying. What self-respecting laundry business would operate with a low capacity top load household washer?


Old Navy commercials in the 1990s were so soul-scarring I have never set foot in an Old Navy and never will. And no, I am not going to subject myself to them to come up with a Youtube example.


BTW I like TAB. Fight me. I like Fresca too.



Yep, and yep.
The only two diet sodas I drink and enjoy, albeit not very often as I remain hopelessly devoted to Classic Coke (although they dropped the ‘Classic’ name a while back. Now it just says “Original Taste”.)

And yes (to whoever doubts it), Tab is still available. I buy a 12-pack of cans every few months. Sometimes I get a craving for it. Goes great with pizza.


Fresca is the bomb! Though I don’t drink it much anymore since I switched to sparkling water to get my fizzy-drink fix without the sugar or sugar substitute.

Back in college I had a Fresca sitting on my desk and the professor thought it was a beer and wandered over to check it to make sure I wasn’t boozing it up during Brit Hist.


The Head-On ads are textbook “be intentionally annoying and people will remember”.

the parent company who permanently etched the expression “HeadOn, apply directly to the forehead” into our brains saw its sales shoot up 234% following the debut of its repetitive ad campaign