Motorsport Manager


Other than the one used during practice (communication?), you don’t really have to make much in the way of meaningful decisions about driver attributes. Bigger is better, generally. There are handful of obvious exceptions — if a driver doesn’t like being out in front, maybe they should be the number 2. But generally your decisions are about race strategy, car improvements and HQ development timing.


There is actually quite a bit to some of those attributes in terms of performance and strategies. A driver with a high smoothness rating, will be easier on tires etc. I think they did a really good job with the granularity in this game, as everything you do actually does do something. What buildings you build first based on what your drivers need, all kinds of little details that are pretty engaging.

I just picked this up recently, and have been really enjoying it. I’m not usually one for management sims, or minutiae in games in general, but I have been having a blast with this.


I agree - there are some deeper things available if you go find them. I won my open wheel championship in a pretty bad car by combining a very smooth driver with an engineer that gave a bonus to tyre wear on a particular compound.

That combination allowed me to consistently run a softer compound than my competition, but still get the tyres to the same pit window and the extra speed from the grippier rubber covered for the car’s shortcomings.

It also allowed me to do things like pit super early and bring my driver out into a very long stretch of completely clear air. He could then turn consistent quick laps without being held up by anyone and by the time he was catching the pack and would have to rely on the car’s limited power to overtake, they were all ready to come in for their stops, allowing him to cruise by.

Outside of that you can stack your votes in the “GMA” rules commission by abstaining and then use them to ram through an issue that will explicitly help you. You can see the upcoming votes ahead of time, right from week one of the season and with certain team characteristics you can even put a specific issue up for vote yourself.


Its a good game but it is ruined for me because its the same drivers each time you start a game. Kind of means you dont get to enjoy the staffing sub game.



Thanks! Links dead sadly. Also not sure how to get mods to work with my mac version.


Well that’s annoying, sorry.

I have the file somewhere, as I’d used it myself, but it’d be the PC version.


No biggy. I might hit ya up at some point for it! Cheers! It really is a very fun game.


I currently have 2 19 year old drivers that finish 1 and 2 every race, I think I won? I love the game, but it gets pretty grindy pretty quickly.


After a rough start I got my team into first place with 1 race left in the first season. I still can’t say I know what I’m doing, other than I look to see what car attributes are important in upcoming races and then adjust my car for it.

Edit: Maybe the season is easier because I had the tutorial enabled?

Is there some type of league progression, like should I be trying to work my way up to managing another league?


Is there any reason why I shouldn’t accept the promotion to the Asia Pacific Super Cup?


It’s generally a good idea to dominate your division for several seasons before promoting, to give time for your HQ and vehicle to upgrade a bit. If you go up as soon as you win, you’re going to really struggle for the first few seasons, which is no fun. One key point that you may not have grokked is that each year, the base chassis of your new car is based on the stats of the two highest performance parts in your old car, so generally you want to focus your upgrades on a handful of parts rather than spreading them out, unless you’re capped by your HQ.


OK. I didn’t start my first HQ upgrade until just after my first season ended, so maybe staying back would be a good idea. Is there any way to compare your car and staff to another league to see how far below the league average your team would be?


Don’t think so, though you can always save your game, get promoted, find out, and go back to your save. Generally, it’s safe to assume that unless you’re way ahead of the pack in your current league, you’ll be way behind in the league above. Even with three to four years of championships under my belt, I’m usually behind on everything but drivers when I get promoted.


I came in first place the last 3 or 4 races of the season, with my drivers taking position 1 and 2 for a couple of those. I wasn’t dominating the entire season.


Like I say, you want at least three years of winning basically every race.


Crikey. That’s hours of game time that won’t be much fun. What an odd design decision.


Yeah, it’s my least favourite thing about the design. I wouldn’t mind battling through the ranks in a new league if it wasn’t so hard to keep your head above the water financially (while not getting sacked). But it’s just not worth the trouble.


Does anyone get tooltips over driver stats? I get the improvement rate and what traits are effecting them, but no explanation of what the driver stats do. There are posts on Steam that say the driver stat tooltips have explanations, but I can’t get them. I do have tooltips turned on in the options.


This is my one complaint with the game, the progression isn’t very well thought or laid out, it becomes extremely grindy after your first season or so. The game mechanics themselves are really very good I think, I actually got into a few races at one point, when things were still close, where I had to really manage my fuel and engine settings to get past someone, and just barely eak out a win on the last lap, I wish there was more of that in the game. It seems like the lows are too low, and take too long to get by, and then that window where you are actually racing competitively is very short. It not long from place third, to winning every race by 20 seconds.

For me, it’s worth buying as it is, but it seems like a great mechanic setup without a real well balanced game behind it.