Mount & Blade: Viking Conquest

And downloading! This will be interesting!

You’ll have to tell us about the singleplayer campaign!

So true…

Downloading and cooking porridge

In that video, the player’s horse is supposed to have a flowing white mane, but it is animated more like tight white curls, which when combined with the overlong neck make it look sort of like the player is riding a llama.

Not that it’s going to keep me from purchasing the game or anything. Hell, I might even pay extra if I knew you could ride llamas…

Hmm, so far my experience of story mode is that no one wants to join me. I wandered around, visited 4 or 5 villagers, was rejected by the leader of each one, then the game crashed. Two crashes so far! I started as an Irish Christian, not sure if that’s making it harder on me or not.

A quick 30 mins play shows there is a crash to desktop bug upon trying to enter a town. And a weird thing with early fights where one enemy can’t be found so you need to retreat, take the moral hit and then fight again. Even then the remaining one enemy won’t walk towards the player.

My pc runs Vanilla, PoP, Floris and Brtwllyllla fine so not sure what the problem is. My enthusiasm has broken the game.

edit just saw above post. So its not just my enthusiasm thats crashing the game but other players as well.

Score one for good first impressions.

What can you start as. I assumed you could start as Vikings. If so, then why would you play anything else?

Anway, are people playing with mods? I figured this DLC would break everything. What mods are good ones (ones that clean up mechanics / UI stuff, not major game-play stuff). Id sure like a mod that would keep track of vendor prices to towns you visited.

Found this:,131274.0.html

Doing VM changes seems to have helped the crashes.

Zephyr - that really should not be neccesary.

I’m having a ton of crashes as well - its quite buggy, something all my other mods aren’t Other than that, so far its a very promising experience, and the music is great! Also, its nice to start rather close to home (In Denmark)

Well for me it immediately smoothed things. The first time I started I got to the options (gore, stamina ect.,) and the “continue” button didn’t work for a good minute. Then upon playing it seemed to have a jolt every time I entered a town until it crashed. Second run and changing the VM setting and its better. Unless the problem was the first run requires the game to create files or do some shit and then the second time it doesn’t.

But the having to retreat and fight again to find last guy in battle bug is still there.

I always wish that they made a more “realistic” dynasty warriors in the Mount and Blade framework. For example, this always reminded me of M&B combat (from the commentaryon the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel):

In civil war, as the mobilisations of the warlords brought vast numbers to the competing banners, there were neither time nor resources for proper training. Many men with experience in the old imperial army gained advancement as commanders of the new recruits, but their units were overwhelmed by the hordes of newcomers, and the traditions, skills and discipline were lost. As for equipment, uniforms, supply, and general coordination, the texts indicate either that they were completely lacking or, when they were present, that this was considered exceptional.

In reality, these armies were simple armed mobs, with landless troops driven variously by loyalty or fear, by personal desperation, and by the hope of plunder. And they were accompanied by a mass of camp-followers—women and children, cooks and prostitutes, peddlers and gamblers, and a few who specialised in care of the sick and wounded. In the ruin of the society of the past, these masses of ragged misery joined the command of any chieftain who might gain them a measure of security.

So the structure and fighting techniques of these armies were based upon small groups of men following individual leaders. The heart of each unit was the commander himself, supported by his “companions”, skilled soldiers who owed him personal allegiance and served as a body-guard, and the most important tactic was expressed in the phrase “to break the enemy line”. In aggressive action, the commander and his companions acted as spearhead for a drive at the enemy array; and if they were successful, they could hope to be followed by the mass of their followers, spreading out to attack the broken enemy from the flank and the rear.

Such tactics have been used at other times and places, and the reliance upon mass, concentrated at one point, is a natural technique for an ill-disciplined force, but it is a frightening operation for the leaders of a primitive army, with no certainty of support. Such attack requires great courage from the leader and his immediate followers, and a high level of personal authority to attract his men to follow in the charge. So if we read in the stories how one man held a bridge, or another advanced alone against an army, some part of the tale may be true: …

(The commentary’s a great read btw, if you have any interest in RoTK.)

Hmmm…sounds like it might be a good idea to wait for a possible Steam Winter Sale discount and avoid the release week bugs.

Unfortunately, I think this is good idea. The music is constantly cutting off and restarting, and I have had 6 crashes so far in 2 hours of gametime I guess. Its also very performance poor, with choppy gameplay on the map so far.

The game is rather good though, with many quality of life improvements like better menus, clearer fonts, sharper textures and so on.

Yes indeed, waiting is good.

I’m waiting, for the Steam and Taleworlds forums to explode…

A bit of a buggy mess, I had initial combat problems, with it not ending properly, and I had to retreat to get out of it. Also , the lands seem very desolate, nothing to attack, and nothing to do other than to gather 6 cows for some village…those quests are inane.

There’s quite a few complaints on Steam and Taleworlds about the fps issue now.

Apparently the having to retreat combat bug can be worked around by using the backspace key to bring up the map and see where the last enemy is hiding. That one enemy doesn’t leave the spawn point and after being disorientated by fighting I found it too difficult to locate their spawn point and couldn’t be bothered playing “hill walking simulator” to find it :)

Just have your men charge and they will find the last enemy. Its a bit silly though.

Woo! This is crashy as fuck in the singleplayer campaign.