Move Over Steve Carell, Ron F------ Swanson Is Here!

So, I’ve been meaning to start getting into the new class of comedies, and I tried out Parks and Rec first. Hell yes! It’s very similar to the US Office (down to the mixed first season and phenomenal second with increasingly ludicrous plots and characterizations) but it has enough there to make it work (stellar cast, really). I’ve been tearing through episodes like crazy and probably will catch up by tomorrow.

I checked and apparently NBC has not learned common sense as of yet and for some goddamn reason made it a mid-season replacement next season. I swear to god, homosexual penguins run that place.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Never seen any Office or Parks & Recreation episodes… Maybe I’ll need to give them a bash sometime.

If you haven’t watched it yet, I can recommend Community!

Parks & Recreation is hilarious and Ron is definitely one of the top characters. He makes me laugh every episode.

Yep, Parks is excellent. I have been trumpeting its hilarity all over the place. It seems like it may be moved off Thursday in the Fall. Not sure what to think about that.

Aziz Ansari rules.

Ditto on Community. Both shows had rocky starts and then progressively got better and better.

So I’ve been working a summer internship with the local Parks & Open Space division.

Based on my experience (which is admittedly a very small sample size), the Ron character is amusingly spot on.

A simple man, really. Dark haired women and breakfast foods.

I am rewatching Deadwood and Swanson is a drunk that we get to see holding his dick. Doesn’t look anything like him now.

makes me sad I gave up on both of them after a few episodes. :(

Shouldn’t the title of this thread be: Move over Michael Scott, Ron F… Swanson is here?

PM Tom and see if he can change it for you.