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As soon as I checked in, it would prompt me to either photograph my ticket stub or tell it that I lost the stub. I don’t think the app would let me check into another movie until I did one of those two things, though I never really tried it.

A couple times early on I thought the app was freezing when trying to submit my ticket (before I learned the app just took forever to submit the photo—may have been a problem with my phone, not the app specifically, unsure). At least twice I remember telling it I “lost” the stub just to clear the prompt, then opening a support conversation, explaining the app wasn’t successfully uploading my photo, and then I could just take a photo with the regular camera app and attach that to the support conversation I had so they’d manually verify it.

Then I finally realized that if I really just waited for much longer than seems reasonable for the little progress spinner, eventually the photo capture in the app would eventually complete.


About 150,000 people signed on in the first two days following the Aug. 15 announcement, and the site had boosted subscriptions to 400,000 as of Tuesday.


I’d love to change the title of this topic to just Movie Subscriptions if @Telefrog wouldn’t mind of course. I don’t think this is enough to really start it’s own but… we can also leave it the same and I’ll just shove Cinemark here anyway.

This is the only good theater in my area, and I might crunch numbers because I am definitely a movie goer but around half or so of the tickets I buy are under 9.00 dollars due to matinee weekends but hey.


Great idea!


I’m not sure how knocking 3 bucks off the price of a single movie ticket battles Moviepass exactly, but I guess it’s a start.


I imagine they think the 20% off concessions is worth more to some of us than it is.


That seems totally backwards from a consumer phsycology point of view. $5 movie tickets with $15 concessions seems a lot more inviting than $15 movie tickets with $5 concessions. The movie price is usually a planned cost while the concessions are usually impulse buy when you’ve already paid for the ticket.


Yeah it’s not a big enough savings. Price isn’t the top reason I don’t see movies; it’s a consideration but I am not going to go to see movie because it’s not 9 dollars instead of 11. And an 8 dollar popcorn doesn’t suddenly look attractive now it’s around 6 bucks. That’s still too high. I was either willing to shell it out before nor not. It’s not a huge decision making factor but it may or may not be a savings for some. I am about one movie a month, a little less myself.


Yeah, the Cinemark here sells their movie tickets for like $7 during the week to see any movie. $4 if it’s matinee. Obvious additions if it’s XD or D-Box. I also like to go there because, like Tom, I can go to multiple movies on different sides of the theater without buying another ticket. I usually just buy concessions once and get the free refill and am good.

So, the 20% off concessions would be the only draw. But with my work schedule, I can rarely get out to the movies and can only see them once with these movie passes? Not really worth it, unfortunately.


I’ve never heard of Fandor.


That’s a great deal. Fandor is awesome, if you like super-obscure indies and foreign films you’ve mostly never heard of. I usually sub for a month or two every year to see some of their stuff.

I might jump on that.


I do not,but it seems like it’s getting attention, so the two together must be special. It’s not a terrible price for MoviePass either. I had heard rumors though that some theaters are refusing to take it… not sure how that’s possible since I think someone above said it’s just a credit card… you swipe.

Actually there was one Japanese movie I wanted to see, doesn’t seem to be available outside of import which is sad.


Is costco one of those stores where you have to have a membership in order to shop there?


Yes, but it’s easy to get around. You can usually order items online for a little more or get an existing member to buy you a Costco Cash card and just buy it.


I’ve never had any issues but I always use a kiosk when purchasing movie tickets. I won’t let a human get in my way of using Moviepass. :)


There is always some couple trying to figure out one of our two, two machines at any given time. I am usually polite about it and help them, the screens suck. They’re like Windows XP machines there. I saw one errored out once.


The only negative for using our kiosks is that they shoot your lightweight ticket out of the machine at about a hundred miles an hour, so the first few times you use it, your ticket flies right through your fingers, so you bend down to pick up the one you missed, and meanwhile the rest of your tickets fire out of the machine above you, showering you with paper. I looked like an idiot doing it.


haha. That sounds funny. Is there video?


Of me, I hope not!


You could be an internet sensation!

I wish MoviePass would just let me buy the ticket online. At my theater they charge you for the privilege of them not having to print the ticket, and then you go to the ticket taker, who grabs your phone, halls it across the room while everyone queuing up behind you, to scan it under an old neglected computer only too return again with a stub.

I think theaters just need to innovate more, like a lot more. Also, I have to flip between my coupon screen and my rewards. lots screen changing here.