Moving Boxes?

I seem to remember there being a thread about moving awhile back but I can’t seem to locate it via the search. I do recall that in the thread someone asked about moving boxes and a good place to get decent moving boxes. A few people made the usual comment about getting them from behind stores and the like but someone gave a great tip on where to actually buy decent moving boxes.

Does anyone know a good place to buy cheaper moving boxes? I looked it up online and the places like Uhual and what not charge way too much for their boxes. I am going to try and hit Walmart today and see how much their moving boxes run because I figure they would be the cheapest in the area.

At this point I’m actually willing to pay for decent moving boxes because every other time I’ve moved and had to use the boxes I’ve scavenged from the back of stores and stuff its been way more difficult then it should be. So does anyone have any good tips for me?

PS I hate moving.

I remember the thread, the place I suggested was in Concord, so I don’t think that’s gonna help you. You still might try looking in the yellow pages though, as that’s how I found that place in the first place.

Liquor stores usually have an abundance of sturdy boxes. Many will let you take as many as you wish for free.

Yeah, liquor stores are what I’ll be using. However, Costco has a moving box package for $45. Can’t say how great it is. Plenty of online sites sell them to you. I’ve used a few, and the boxes worked fine. I’ll probably supplement with those, as I have a LOT of books to move.

I still have a bazillion boxes in my garage from moving. Come on out and take them!


A bazillion? Sold! I’ll prolly end up hitting you up on that. I’ll send you a PM.

Can’t you just go and, um . . . you know, “confiscate” some??

Just kidding.

Here’s the other thread:


Not sure if it’s the case everywhere, but U-Haul sells boxes up here.

U-Haul, as I’ve experienced the pricing of boxes and other supplies, should probably be your last resort. Same with places like Home Depot.

There are some moving stores that actually sell discounted boxes. No national chains, unfortunately, but definitely the best commercial option. I think the ideal solution is available to those who work for a company with a friendly shipping and receiving dept.

Try Grainger. There’s at least one in every major metropolis.

If I need boxes I take home Iron Mountain boxes from work.

Scavenging boxes is getting harder and harder because the use of compactors for recycling is increasing. Plus, a lot of big chains are switching to reusable plastic shipping boxes to move freight. When I moved last year I couldn’t even get free boxes from where I worked, which was a large retailer.

In the end I went to UHaul. The prices weren’t any worse than any other place I checked and at least they had a big supply of different sizes. If you have the time and inclination to go comparison shopping for boxes when you are trying to move, go ahead.

Liquor stores, wine stores, or restaurants.

Most restaurants get their liquor deliveries or pickups on Monday or Tuesday. Find a restaurant near you that has an extensive wine list, go eat dinner there, and ask to talk to the manager and ask him for their liquor/wine boxes on delivery day, because usually we have to break them up for the recycling compactor.

All the stuff I still have packed in boxes is in Absolut and Chateau Ste Michelle boxes.

When we did our internal move last year (new floors, so had to move everything in the house twice), I bought a bunch of boxes from Box City.

Then I gave a sub-bunch of those to Tom, so go get them from him & continue the Qt3 box chain.

I’ve heard that a lot of people offer their moving boxes for free on after unpacking (though I have not used the service myself).

I now take the easiest shot of my image posting career.

I am going to be moving soon as well, in about a week, and I think I might need some boxes as well. I am probably going to be hitting up a liquor store, I know the woodmans on the west side of madison has tons of boxes just sitting out.