Moving to US, need job hunting advice

So we’re finally planning on moving back to the US this June. Ive lived and worked in Macau for the past ten years and we are moving back for better prospects for our family.

I have already re-written my resume in a more American format, have uploaded it to Indeed, and have updated my LinkedIn profile. Is there anything else I should do? I have already started applying for some jobs I’ve found on Indeed.

If anyone here is working somewhere that is looking for a Marketing Analytics Manager or Director, let me know (PM me and I can send you my resume if you want). I’m ideally looking for remote work.

LinkedIn has job postings too. We used that pretty extensively at my last job. So probably worth checking for things posted there too. Not sure what other sites are worthwhile these days.

I really recommend working with a recruiter. They’re super helpful, and make the process so much easier in all respects.